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    1970 Silver Shadow Speedway.

    Special thanks to Aaron F. for helping me get this project started in the right direction. Have decided to not do a full restore and just get the bike back to running complete condition. Everything I felt was in good enough condition and it would take something away from it doing a complete. I...
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    1970 Silver Shadow Speedway.

    Just starting a thread on my rebuild project. My father purchased this new. The bike has a interesting story that I'll highlight on as it moves along. For now just wanted to get some pictures posted. The bike was still together when we tracked it back down , I took it apart and currently have...
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    1970 Silver Shadow Speedway 125 Sachs

    I have a 1970 Silver Shadow Speedway 125cc Sachs. Complete except for air cleaner. My father purchased this new I think and it has quite the history and stories. I did not realize how rare this bike was till today when I started researching. I'm looking for some advice or suggestions on a...
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    two 1970 Speedway Silver Shadow's lighted and non-lighted

    I have a 1970 Sliver Shadow Speedway motocross with 125 Sachs. My Dad purchased new I think. I did not realize how rare it is until today. I'm looking to restore. Only missing Air cleaner far as I can tell. This thing had quite the stories.