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  1. jewwlion

    Let's talk about crashes.

    Crashes are something I never hear spoken of in the minibiking/karting community, so let's start a thread about it. In fact, I crashed myself a few weeks ago, still recovering from injury. The story went like this: I was riding my almost stock Azusa bike running a Predator 212 around my...
  2. jewwlion

    3/4" #35 chain bore MaxTorque clutch

    I've had no luck selling it on craigslist and am selling it by pick up only. Still has great torque and engages perfectly. Comes with the set screws and key. $20 - I accept PayPal, Bitcoin, and cash obviously. If you're interested call or text me at 808 938 8238 and I'll tell you where I'm...
  3. jewwlion

    Ways to speed up your Predator 212cc without removing governor?

    alright thanks. i found a 22t clutch sprocket replacement that i think i could put on my existing clutch. maybe that will work?
  4. jewwlion

    Ways to speed up your Predator 212cc without removing governor?

    I'm actually rather light, 5'11" - 135 lbs. Where did you get the 17 tooth clutch?
  5. jewwlion

    Air filter install, crappy performance

    any big differences between the #36 and #37?
  6. jewwlion

    Has anybody gotten a ticket for riding on the street?

    I hear of people getting fined $800+ for riding their minibike on the street and whatnot but honestly I've ridden past 3 cops before, only one of which simply gave me a warning about them not being street legal (which I had not known about beforehand). Has anybody here gotten fined for riding on...
  7. jewwlion

    Ways to speed up your Predator 212cc without removing governor?

    I'm currently running a 212cc Predator on my minibike and am irritated that the max speed on it is 24 mph. Here is what I've already done to the engine: 1. higher flow exhaust 2. aftermarket K&N air filter 3. new jet kit 4. reduced gear ratio from 1:6 to 1:5 (12:72 to 12:60) Any ways...
  8. jewwlion

    Altered gear ratio

    I just bought a 60 tooth sprocket for my bike, going to get it in the mail in a couple days. The bike has a 12 tooth clutch and a 72 tooth sprocket right now, meaning that I'd be going from a 6:1 to a 5:1 gear ratio once I change the sprocket. Also running a 212 Predator w/ governor still on...
  9. jewwlion

    Governor removal questions

    Let me preface this by saying that I have not disabled the governor yet but I plan on doing so only after I have all the necessary parts. Anyhow here are my questions. 1. Instead of physically removing the governor arm and gear from the engine, could you just leave it inside of the engine...
  10. jewwlion

    Ordered the wrong part from OldMiniBikes warehouse... Please help!

    Earlier today I ordered a 60 tooth sprocket for my minibike which has drum brakes. The sprocket is machined on the outside for band brakes, which is what I didn't pay attention to... Anyways my two questions are these: 1. Will this sprocket still work with a drum brake instead of a band...
  11. jewwlion

    212cc Budget mods!

    The Hemi stage 1 kit is slightly cheaper than the non-hemi. Should I just get the hemi version?
  12. jewwlion

    212cc Budget mods!

    Would the $88 Stage 1 kit work on a Non-Hemi 212cc Predator? It's listed as for hemi.
  13. jewwlion

    212cc Budget mods!

    Hey there. I currently have a standard 12 tooth clutch, 72 tooth sprocket. How could I fix the gearing issue? I forgot to mention earlier that the engine is actually not totally stock. It has upgraded valve springs.
  14. jewwlion

    212cc Budget mods!

    Hey there guys I recently finished building a minibike running a 212cc Predator. For now its completely stock and I measured speed straight out of box and it runs at about 25 mph (limiter screw removed). I was wondering if I could get the engine up to ~35 for less than about $100-$200. I'm also...