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    Kick starters... not just for Tecumseh anymore!

    Well that’s awesome. Nice job.
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    Champion Rocker Cracked intake, Vacuum leak at intake manifold (RTV RED?)

    Just a tip for later builds or correcting this one. You can always make a shim using common shim stock that comes in roll or get copper plate and shim the rocker arms up (those campion rocker pedestal will accommodate this) and shim them to get the proper geometry. That’s critical to keep valve...
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    Tillotson Carb gas to methanol help!

    Hi guys. I have a tillotson style(clone) Carb I would like to modify for methanol. It’s the same and the 25mm HL series carbs used in go cart racing for two strokes and old Tecumseh stars. I know how to modify regular mikunis/pwk carbs to methanol so I’m not a novice but if any one has any go...
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    New member

    Nice. Looks like a fun project. If you have any questions during the build I’m sure these guys can help. I bet skip has the parts for it. That guy has all the cool mini bike stuff.
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    Need more room….

    Someone scoop it up or did you decide it was too cool to get rid of?
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    New to mini bikes, I have some questions.

    RCF got some nice stuff
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    Just accidentally grinded my welds and tube, it looks like crap. What do i do now?

    Looks like it will hold. With the paint it won’t look to bad. Body filler will work. But it’s cracks if you don’t do it on a clean rough surface. Flexible body filler if you want perfection. But looks like it will hold just fine.
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    Its another edition of What is it ? frame , forks and seat

    Still pretty cool. I’d drive it. What’s your plans. 3” stroker with some slicks or low rider with white walls. Lol
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    Need more room….

    My first mini bike was a trail horse I got for free from a friend’s grandfather. It was painted a pastel purple. It was hideous. I rebuilt the whole time and got it painted a nice teal metallic color and my dad bought me a brand new 3.5hp Briggs. I ended up building a belt drive for it and...
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    Need more room….

    Damn skip. This is what you do??!! You build some AWESOME bikes. That is so cool. I need some of that in my life. Nice work.
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    2024 spring mini mayhem goldsboro nc

    That would be cool. I’m only a hour away. I may go if I don’t have any work to do.
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    Its another edition of What is it ? frame , forks and seat

    Looks like the original Azusa. But I’m not sure.
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    I have a Trailhorse GTO300 minibike and I can’t find wheels for it

    Omg. That was my first mini bike. I’ve been looking for one for years. Cars and cameras found one that they were selling but they never got back to me. I live like 20 minutes away from them. I’d love to find another one for my son. I drove around everywhere with that thing. I hope you find...
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    Weird minibike from China

    For 1700$ they can keep that. Lol
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    How to post pictures (Test Area)

    I haven’t been able to find a single useable part for this engine. So I had to make em all. Intake/exhaust. Valve cover. Cylinder heat shield. Copper head gasket at .032 thick. I milled the head and decked it back flat. Made ring spacers and ram thinner rings. Max ported intake and exhaust...
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    How to post pictures (Test Area)

    Well I definitely need better brakes. It stops. But not great. The back tire is a racing go kart tire and seems to be good. The Amazon front rim and tire shake like hell at about 70mph. I’m pulling the entire bike apart for paint this weekend and going threw all the issues that need to be...