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    predator hemi rods

    i know this basically what im asking is whats the stock deck height? it has to be known what stroker rod is safe for a stock crank and stock piston/wrist pin location if any i doubt the factory deck height is 0, but could be wrong
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    predator hemi rods

    im looking to replace the rod in my predator, its a stock hemi. was looking at rods, what kind of clearence do we have in these engines? i see they sell a .020 and .040 longer rod, would those work in a stock block/head? whats longest i can go?
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    trike - dune cycle?

    not the greatest picture sorry, but i need to work on my trike, mainly need to figure out how to get the lower chain off because its stretched
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    dual sprocket clutchs?

    the motor turning slower will pull the faster spinning motor down, basically syncing its self clutches shouldnt slip the rpm on the motors should be that far off from each other ya thats what its looking like ill have to do, just worried about getting the everything lined up
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    dual sprocket clutchs?

    im building a twin predator mini, i would like to run one engine to the other with one chain, then a chain from the clutch on the second engine to the rear wheel, as pictured below now i found a clutch with 2 sprockets on it, but they are both on the out side of the clutch do they make...
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    quick newbie question

    just picked up this *what im almost positive is* a bonanza chopper, i noticed the front end had some play in it, when i took it apart, i didnt notice any bushing or anything in the neck tube, is there supposed to be one, or atleast something?