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    Gemini SST 50s project

    Thanks guys. Doing what I can when I can.
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    Gemini SST 50s project

    I am fighting the weather. I don't have a garage I can spray in. But got the frame of one ready to spray. Now if the weather will cooperate. More to come. I will be taking the winter off as we go south and I can't take these with me. This is a spring and fall project. I have a huge...
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    Gemini SST 50s project

    While I was working on those I worked on the brake pedal, foot peg bar with kick stand and the seat pan. I also removed the swing arm and triple tree. Got those sanded cleaned up and painted.
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    Gemini SST 50s project

    I tore the red bike apart and started with the wheels. I put rust dissolver on, then extend rust prohibitor, and painted. I replaced the bearings. o
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    Gemini SST 50s project

    After storing them for almost 15 year I am redoing my 2 Gemini SST 50s. One I will try to make as close to original as possible without going overboard. The other will be a RAT rider, something I can use to teach my grandson and others how to ride without worrying if it gets banged up. Maybe...
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    Gemini model?

    The original Geminis were built with 50cc and 80cc yamaha engines and had 4 speed transmissions. Yamaha sued for copyright infringement. I guess Gemini tried to switch back to a 4 cycle engine to try to survive. They didn't. My family's store sold SSTs but we never had any of those.
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    Why did mini bikes die?

    I had a 50 then an 80 SST. I loved them. After riding a doodle-bug style bike it was a dream. I was faster than a Honda. I am rebiuilding 2 50s and will rebuild 2 80s.
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    Can anyone identify this frame?

    its a doodlebug style. not a Gemini SST
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    Gemini fork uppers

    Call this guy (747)-224-0860. He is in Cali and has a bunch of SST parts. Also check out this forum. Home | Gemini SST Forum (