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  1. jays0n

    Hemi Predator Governor removal parts list

    I have a Hemi Predator on my DB30 and have decided it's time to remove the governor, low oil sensor, etc. I've done tons of searching and can't seem to find a definitive parts list anywhere. I know that's likely because there are 100 ways to accomplish this. The only thing I don't really know...
  2. jays0n

    lowered fenders?

    For the best fit you can buy doodlebug fenders, OldMiniBikes usually has them or from another member sometimes works, I've sold a couple in the last year but don't have any right now.
  3. jays0n

    Little indian trike

    Are you going to stretch it at all? If I hadnt stretched mine I can't imagine how horrible it would be to ride, especially with tires that big!
  4. jays0n

    Anyone have a Bad Dog mini with the Gigantic balloon tires?

    I'm looking for a new project and really want something with big balloon tires. There are vintage options but living where I do I haven't been able to find anything at all. I'm considering the Bad Dog kit with the gigantic balloon tires, 22" x 11" tires on 8" wheels. I was planning to put a...
  5. jays0n

    looking for a big balloon tire bike for next project, options?

    Would love to find either of those but it seems that minibikes were never all that popular here because I never see anything cool like that for sale. My options are either a new kit or find someone willing to ship something to me :(
  6. jays0n

    looking for a big balloon tire bike for next project, options?

    So it's time for a new project and I'm thinking something with big balloon tires for the sand/snow. I have my eye on a kit from Bad Dog, the gigantic balloon tire model. Was gonna put a mildly modded Predator with a TAV on it but the costs add up fast when starting with a pretty pricey kit...
  7. jays0n

    Lowering a Dirt Bug

    Or just run lower profile tires, much easier.
  8. jays0n

    Newbie here, first question

    +1 on the too much paint or powder coating on the handlebar. I've rebuilt a few of these and that was a problem on all of them.
  9. jays0n

    This is gonna be a badass trike

    After building a trike out of a DB30 myself I would suggest you stretch it at least 5 inches, especially with those huge tires. Running a solid axle or diff?
  10. jays0n

    Original DoodleBug Upgrade Questions.

    Hot Rod Minibikes sells a kit to install a Predator 212 from Harbor Freight, find it here I believe that the jackshaft kits use the same plate for both the 97cc and 212cc but the gears are different, check with HRM but I think you can swap out the sprockets and re-use them on the new engines...
  11. jays0n

    DoodleBug hydraulic brake

    I have them on two different bikes and haven't had any trouble. Only issue was getting them lined up on the stock bike, the bracket was clearly welded on wonky. The other bike I welded on the bracket and mocked it up with the caliper so it was straight and didn't need shimming.
  12. jays0n

    Original Doodle Bug Foot Pegs Interchangeable with CRF50?

    Looks like they may fit but would be rotated either forward or backward from what I can see from photos of them, anyone have specific measurements of the CRF50 parts?
  13. jays0n

    I replaced my stock chain with a #35 Space chain and It works so much better.

    Best bet is to get a split sprocket adapter and then you have a huge variety of sizes to choose from, unless I missed you already saying you didn't want to do that for some reason... Aluminum does wear faster but it is lighter so less rotating mass. Also they are cheap so get a couple :)...
  14. jays0n

    My 3 wheeler doodlebug

    Here is another example of a doodlebug turned into a trike, similar method, slightly different look. Jay's Doodlebug Trike build
  15. jays0n

    Fuel tank breather and throttle linkage

    How about a Harley Sportster tank? Gotta be a close to perfect fit right?
  16. jays0n

    Get to the Choppa!!!

    Good tip :)
  17. jays0n

    Doodle Bug + Predator 212 = Hauling A$$

    The governor is important on those engines, the connecting rod is known to come apart if you over-rev it, someone can give the RPM but I don't remember it being all that high. I wouldn't push the engine past the governed RPM without swapping the rod and flywheel out first.
  18. jays0n

    Just another Doodlebug

    Finally was able to get the rack built so we can carry the minibike behind the offroad trailer for an upcoming overland rally we are attending. The original plan for this build was for it to go behind the trailer, happy to finally get that accomplished. Not much to it, just some square...
  19. jays0n

    FYI Throttle linkages

    Any decent hobby shop will have absolutely everything you need to build bullet proof linkages, mostly stuff for model airplanes and boats. This includes rods with z bends, clevises and anything else you can imagine. I worked in one for years and could build linkages for anything from those parts!