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  1. NorCal

    The Official Bonanza Mini Bike Thread . . .

    Anyone ever pop one of the newer Briggs Lo206 engines on their Bonaza?
  2. NorCal

    Want to learn how to Weld

    I was self taught via Youtube from Chuckie2009. I believe he started posting alot of right wing political content and I beleive his channel was removed as a byproduct, which was unfortunate because his welding content was fantastic. Looks like some of his vids are back up...
  3. NorCal

    "Before and After" pics

    Duplicate post, my bad. (Mods please delete)
  4. NorCal

    "Before and After" pics

    World Formula Motor! I bet that thing rips! Is it just me, or does seeing a Predator motor on a classis mini bike a little upsetting? I newer Briggs like an Animal or World Formula, I dig it. But a Predator motor from China? (even though they are great motors) Please don’t take this a dig...
  5. NorCal

    cool 60's go kart

    Yeah . . . have you tried doing your own research?
  6. NorCal

    "Before and After" pics

    You guys are building some cool stuff. Where are you finding these projects to restore?
  7. NorCal

    My New Kart Racing Channel (LO206)

    If you guys are into this sort of thing, I started a Youtube channel on my entry into Lo206 kart racing. I do not claim to be an expert in anything, whether it be kart racing or making YouTube video’s. But if it pleases the court . . . I race with a bunch of other military veterans, so the...
  8. NorCal

    Go power sports in texas

    Society has gotten too soft, offended at everything. Being military I have such a thick skin, I forget sometimes people are so easy to offend. I alway think about the old quote on friends: (paraphrasing) "Friendship is is saying something offensive to someone. Just to have them sit back and...
  9. NorCal

    Harbor Freight

    When I painted cars in my garage, I did the same. I used to wait until the purple gun’s went on sale for $9.99, because that that price I could use them once and pitch them.
  10. NorCal

    Harbor Freight

    The Harbor Freight Coupon database was the best place to get coupons, but now HF has their business model set on the Goldilocks philosophy: Good- Beter- Best Good- Chicago ($) Better- Bauer ($$) Best- Hurcules ($$$) But now they’ve moved to their “Inside Track” coupon program, where you have...
  11. NorCal

    Engines you’d love to play with but haven’t yet . . .

    So with my kart racing habit, and the fact that I have two daughters also getting into the sport ($$$) I have an excess of Briggs Lo206 motors and I can’t stop thinking about putting one on a mini bike build. I also race with a class that uses the Japanese built Subaru Robin engines, which are...
  12. NorCal

    AWWW GEEZ, Not Russell

    He is a great player, with a horrible team! ;) (I’m just jealous we didn’t draft him in SF) :D:p
  13. NorCal

    Got a new electric Go Kart ''winter'' project idea rolling around in my head.

    There is a Rutt go kart online currently for $23,750 :eek: Vintage is really hot right now, which I funny with the push for electric (enter subset here).
  14. NorCal

    Custom Drag Project

    Me likey, I want one!
  15. NorCal

    Latest Bonanza Project

    Really nice job, Bonanza is definately my favorite classic American Mini Bike. ;)
  16. NorCal

    So what are you welding with? (Post your set up here)

    Anyone have any advice on welding round frame tubing on mini bikes or karts? I have some road rash issues I’m looking to tend with. Tubes aren’t worn through (yet) but thats what I’m trying to avoid by stacking metal on top of it, grind smooth/ round, and repair paint. .23 or .30? Pass length...
  17. NorCal

    California members best stock up on Predators/Hondas/Etc.

    Ahh good ole’ California, its a great place to be FROM! :p
  18. NorCal

    So what are you welding with? (Post your set up here)

    Never welded that, can you only stick weld Titanium or can you Mig it?
  19. NorCal

    So what are you welding with? (Post your set up here)

    Yeah that foot pedal thing was definately difficult to tend with. I know if I spent enough time, MAYBE I could have gotten better over time. But now I just look at a pack of shinny dimes in ahh, and think people who can Tig are too cool for me, lol.
  20. NorCal

    Got me a new kart today

    Walbro PZ22