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    Can't get a Predator 212 to pull.

    Nice you guys!
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    throttle linkage/clone top plate gx390 carb on 6.5hp clone

    Might also consider a mikuni style carb and avoid the linkage althogher :)
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    torque converters???

    You also may find you have to raise the engine for the TAV to clear.
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    Predator Engine block cracked!!!! Suggestions

    Did exactly as you suggested. Thanks again man. Also got my footpegs welded on so I can scrap those horrible clamp on ones!
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    Anyone try a builder prepared kit

    I think what Newoldstock is saying is you'll get much more help with specific questions that haven't been answered in detail many times over. The folks here are more than helpful and have a frigging AMAZING wealth of knowledge, BUT don't have the interest to rehash each general post from a new...
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    Predator Engine block cracked!!!! Suggestions

    Thanks TWID! Im gonna pick those up tomorrow. Did you use two nuts to tighten the studs initially?
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    Predator Engine block cracked!!!! Suggestions

    Wow...Awesome information! Thanks for taking the time! I will proceed as you and TWID suggest....while the engine is out, I am gonna go ahead and work on some new foot pegs, so I have some time to do this. I'll update you guys as I proceed. Cheers!
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    Bolt-on-only advice for a 212cc?

    Yes...but that's no fun!!!!:smile:
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    A beta test

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    Predator Engine block cracked!!!! Suggestions

    Sorry folks.....thanks for all the input! I have not had much time to respond online as work has been KILLING me! I truly appreciate the suggestions! I ended up ordering a replacement block for about 30 bucks and have almost completed the rebuild. As is often the case, I have run out of...
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    Predator Engine block cracked!!!! Suggestions

    Interesting.....would that fit a predator?
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    Predator Engine block cracked!!!! Suggestions

    Thanks you guys! I have another quick question. For simplicity sake, I will keep the stock dished piston to use in the new block. With the NEW BLOCK...should I get new rings? Or will they seat correctly in new block?
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    Predator Engine block cracked!!!! Suggestions

    Thanks Ole. There was positively no governer arm left in engine. I had it open and cleaned it out during oil changes several times. I am wondering if there was some sort of harmonic effect in a bad block?
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    Predator Engine block cracked!!!! Suggestions

    Hi guys, Been riding our minibike WAY too much! lol SPent the last month fiddling with a Mikuni carb and finally had it dialed in. We have a fairly moderate built Predator engine on an Azusa minibike. Oil has been changed regularly. Current build is as follows for backgroun info Predator...
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    Best accelerating camshaft? (high rpm,high torque)

    Well its only a hundred bucks.....try it and see!
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    New Head on Predator....SO MUCH easier to start?

    Thanks all for the help! Newoldstock-You mean on the old head?
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    New Head on Predator....SO MUCH easier to start?

    Hey folks,We just completed the head swap on our modded HF predator. It is SO much easier to pull start. Any thoughts why? PREVIOUSLY- 14cc clone head (self ported and polished...first time), Mod 2 Cam, Honda .625 carb, velocity stack, Header, SS valves, 1.3 rocker intake, billet rod and...
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    Replacement Head Suggestion

    Thanks for the input. I did in fact end up ordering the 18cc ported head with the 27/24 valves, it was milled .050. Ill keep the .625 carb for now since we kind of value midrange torque over top speed for our application. Cheers
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    Advice on build please

    Since you are in there and spending the time and money on a billeted connecting rod, you should also replace the flywheel with a similar billeted model by Arc. That is the other weak link in these engines
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    Advice on build please

    Hi Edd. I am far from an expert, but went through a similar conundrum myself a few months ago. I can answer some basic stuff. 1. The Arc billeted rods come in different lengths to account for different piston and heads (and even varying tolerances among units, since quality control on these...