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  1. jackeo21

    Dr. Shop Teacher's Tonic le Moto--Broncco T-XL

    Looking really cool! Can't wait to see this finished.
  2. jackeo21

    Anything Goes - Jack's Ratrod Tru-Test Trike

    It's time for a change of plans.....:doah: Unfortunatly, I no longer have my rear wheels due to some complications with lending them out. I will get them back, but I won't have enough time to set everything up how I would like to. But there's always a plan B! I recently bought a Honda...
  3. jackeo21

    Anything Goes - Jack's Ratrod Tru-Test Trike

    Thanks doc! That sets it in stone, I'll be going with a 60t rear and 12t clutch. I had this idea earlier but really needed some expert confirmation :laugh: I'll pick up some tube to make up my wheelie bars on my way home from work someday this week, but progress has been slow as I have had my...
  4. jackeo21

    Anything Goes - Jack's Ratrod Tru-Test Trike

    Thanks! That's the plan! At the moment I'm open to suggestions on where the rear wheels should go / what to use as a front wheel / gearing etc etc... :thumbsup:
  5. jackeo21

    Anything Goes - Jack's Ratrod Tru-Test Trike

    Yep, I have come up with a plan. I've bought some old 5" go kart rear wheels with slicks, and have just purchased some 1" pillow block axle bearings. Next to buy is the 1" axle, wheels hubs, sprocket and brake disc. I've already got some hydraulic brakes sorted so I wont need to worry there...
  6. jackeo21

    Anything Goes - Jack's Ratrod Tru-Test Trike

    Always good to hear from you doc! I have cut and welded in new sections where the frame was rather weak and full of holes. I believe it might just be strong enough, but I have thought to add in extra gussets in the more stressed areas of the frame :thumbsup:
  7. jackeo21

    Anything Goes - Jack's Ratrod Tru-Test Trike

    Thanks guys! I'm really looking forward to getting into the build myself and seeing where I go with it. No ideas are set in stone yet, so It'll be interesting to see how it turns out in the end. I have a good mental picture, I've just got to put it on paper and finally, build from there. I...
  8. jackeo21

    2018 Vintage class. lil indian 400.

    Looking forward to this!
  9. jackeo21

    Anything Goes - Jack's Ratrod Tru-Test Trike

    After a long absence I have returned to the forum at the thought of competing in the Oldminibikes Build off for 2018! After competing in the 2016 build off I had finished a Lil Indian to a rather high standard. Now, I'm going the other way, and making a bike, well, trike. And not just any...
  10. jackeo21

    What is this?

    Awesome, thanks! I'll have to ask on a karting forum and see what I can find out.
  11. jackeo21

    What is this?

    Greetings all, Just thought I'd break my absence on this forum by seeing if any Tec gurus out there could help me to identify a little 2 Stroke Tecumseh/Lauson engine. I have never seen another like it! It starts and runs but makes a bit of a racket on the inside - I suspect it will need a...
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  15. jackeo21

    Tecumseh "Kirby" Restoration

    All set to ride! Really stands out on the orange bike. What does everybody think? It actually runs really well, I'm learning about how difficult these tecs can be to tune right so that they start and idle cold and maintain the same idle whilst hot. Difficult stuff but I have it pretty much...
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  18. jackeo21

    I got lucky last night

    Really nice score, looks to be in awesome original condition. Most parts will interchange from the 5HP models. This site is a treasure trove of knowledge, welcome aboard! :thumbsup:
  19. jackeo21

    Tecumseh "Kirby" Restoration

    She's just the same as your standard American tec :laugh: Which is a good thing as I didn't initially plan on mounting it the opposite way around on my minibike! Apologies to all for the lack of updates on this engine. After purchasing a much larger project, this little fella has been...
  20. jackeo21

    Anyone know what i got here?

    The engine with the dark blue cooling shroud that has spots of yellow coming though is a 5HP Briggs and Stratton engine. However, I understand that the other engine that is missing a carburetor is a Tecumseh engine. I am unsure of the model/hp of the Tecumseh. From the pictures, it looks like...