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  1. superflea

    OK, what is it?

  2. superflea

    Terra two piece

    Wow Sparkie you have some nice work going on there. It definitely looks like a labor of love with attention to detail and a lot of brain buzz going into the build. SWEET!!!
  3. superflea

    West Bend 820 - Fuel Ratio/mix

    Good info, thanks Auggie! I think the name ofn the oil I used to run in my Montesa was called Blenzal and it was basically castor oil. Your right about the smell. It was great.
  4. superflea

    Thunderbolt 200mc

    BTW Reteks also used that tank.
  5. superflea

    West Bend 820 - Fuel Ratio/mix

    The thing is those instructions are from the old days when they used regular motor oil. The new 2 cycle oils that are considered premium use anywhere from 32:1 on up to 50:1 ratios. I would ask an expert rebuilder what oil they recommend and what ratio. Also, if thats one of my engines, I...
  6. superflea

    Thunderbolt 200mc

    Just don't put more than half a tank of gas and your good.
  7. superflea

    Thunderbolt 200mc

    Hodaka tank is going to look quite large on a smaller bike.
  8. superflea

    Thunderbolt 200mc

    That is a herters tank. I have a couple of them. I just traded the best one but as I said I have a couple more.
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    Happy July 4th

    Ditto on all the above salutations and throw mine in there too. Live free and ride easy, HAPPY FREEDOM DAY!
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    212 Tilly Running good...but 30 minutes or so...

    It sounds like a vapor lock to me. Fuel line is getting to hot and the fuel forms a vapor pocket with no place to go. Maybe try to run a temporary fuel line away from the exhaust and outside of the shroud where it is exposed to open air.
  11. superflea

    Well I do have a single, as mentioned, and I figured it was worth $125 plus shipping. However...

    Well I do have a single, as mentioned, and I figured it was worth $125 plus shipping. However, on closer examination, its a bit marked up. I will try to get some pics to you but it would be easier to text them if you want to provide me with a #. I would like to get $75 plus the ride for it...
  12. superflea

    One Bonanza kidney bean wanted

    I think I have a kidney bean rim in good shape. I'll double check in a bit.
  13. superflea

    Scooping this up

    I can't see CaCa?
  14. superflea

    6 chrome fenders for $50

    L.ook like Artic Cat Fenders to me.
  15. superflea


    Screw the Gilson we're talking SHROOMS now.
  16. superflea

    Tons of parts listed on The Mountain George Mini Bike Collection FB group

    I can't get to your facebook marketplace as it is outside my area. I can't figure out if I can include all of marketplace.
  17. superflea

    Im sure the engineers at coleman planned this into their design.

    You might as well drink it cuz he ain't comin' back.
  18. superflea

    RIP Willie Mays

    Say."Hey." We will miss you. Willie.
  19. superflea

    Got a high- speed Harley

    Its a lot cheaper to buy another shed than it is to see a shrink. Even if you do see a shrink all your going to talk about are mini bikes,
  20. superflea

    Hard to describe FREAK bike

    I always say I love those Trail Tamer forks!