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  1. jeep2003

    Post your cars!

    Traded a vw tiguan for this 67 mg.
  2. jeep2003

    10 Tooth #35 Chain Centrifical Clutch With Set Screw

    Ant-Seize is abrasive it should not be used as a lubricant
  3. jeep2003

    Another Chop Mod Ramrod - Beginnings

    Nice ramrods make great customs and the full suspension is great. Those rims are awesome what are they from?
  4. jeep2003

    Kawasaki ATC to bike conversion.

    Decals turned out great. Second test ride today works pretty good had a fuel leak pulled the tank off to fix. I guess I need to tighten the chain aswell.
  5. jeep2003

    Kawasaki ATC to bike conversion.

    Thanks guys the problem with the big red is they have shaft drive so I dont know how you would deal with that not worth the extra work to figure that out.
  6. jeep2003

    Kawasaki ATC to bike conversion.

    Thats what I was going for. Alot of the conversions look off. Either ride height or the swingarm is too long or janky fenders all make them look a bit not factory built. So I did the best I could to make it look right. It handles like you would expect. Like a trike lol alot like a super bronc I...
  7. jeep2003

    Kawasaki ATC to bike conversion.

    I made the rear fender out of steel I used my english wheel to give it some curve then pie cutted the edges and made little covers for the frame ends. The lip is also folded over so its not sharp. I just screwed it onto the bottom of the seat. The front part i made a piece of rubbery plastic so...
  8. jeep2003

    Kawasaki ATC to bike conversion.

    Thanks Robert its certainly been a while since iv built anything this involved. Its nice to know I can still do it!
  9. jeep2003

    Kawasaki ATC to bike conversion.

    So the swingarm went together well and I had some shocks that had a suitable spring rate. I used the original trike rear sprocket and made the little jackshaft with some old front sprockets which gears it down a little by a few teeth. Then made muffler on the side and a shield for it. I used...
  10. jeep2003

    Kawasaki ATC to bike conversion.

    Yes they did make kits called the "Missile kit" they still make them for the 250r I think. but most built now are custom
  11. jeep2003

    Kawasaki ATC to bike conversion.

    The headlights I ended up hanging from the top rather than coming up with lower mounts off the forks. I wanted the screened look so I used some metal screen that i stuck in there. I drilled 4 holes in the rubber buckets and left the screen with 4 sides poking out to stick in the holes so the...
  12. jeep2003

    Kawasaki ATC to bike conversion.

    Starting with a trashed Kawasaki ATC200 trike. Many things were missing or bad. I always wanted to build a fat bike out of a trike this was the almost perfect opportunity. The plastics were gone the cdi was gone. The back axle had a differential that was grenaded. No seat or anything. First...
  13. jeep2003

    Chain falls off and breaks. Help!

    I think your problem is the alignment. You cant see it accurately with the chain on but its pretty easy to see by eye with no chain especially with your huge sprocket. Im guessing your motor mount is bent or just moving around under load. That looks like a pretty weak setup. With such a big...
  14. jeep2003

    Anything Goes! Mini Snowmobile

    Thanks! I dont remember what that filter is from but it didnt start life as a filter. Just a random piece of something i may have even drilled the holes in it. Also it was sucking up too much snow and bogging the engine and the carb was icing up so I made a tube that wraps around and takes hot...
  15. jeep2003

    Who is planning to build a mini in 2024?

    I havnt been doing much with the minis lately but im woring on this Kawasaki 200 im converting it from a trike.
  16. jeep2003

    Tecumseh Side Cover

    I have one but the 4 holes arnt drilled and tapped
  17. jeep2003

    peerless transmission

    A weak point in the peerless transaxles is the shift keys if you shift while moving under power they get rounded off after a while and it will pop out of gear all the time. Im working on something thats using a 19hp v twin with a torque converter into a dirtbike gearbox from a yamaha 175 2...
  18. brake grip

    brake grip