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  1. Harquebus

    My childhood mini bike- what is it?

    Glad you saw fit to make a new post in the Classified section. It's bad form to hijack or tack your somewhat related inquiry onto someone else's thread. Most people won't see it here. If I were you I would create another thread in Mini Bike Discussion where you could post what you know about...
  2. Harquebus

    Streaker Pace Setter

    Nearly every Ken-Bar go kart says "Streaker" on the floor pan and "High Performance Pace Setter" on the sticker. The latter is just their slogan ("we're the best and setting the pace") more or less. Yours is a SC-7 (B version). Both the OP and the hijacker's kart (SD-9) are from the late 90s...
  3. Harquebus

    Vintage briggs age

    That engine is an anachronism (out of time) to the minibike. It is older than mass produced minibikes of the 1960s and up and ostensibly from the old cast iron era. How much does it weigh? Edited to add: That Model 8 appears to be manufactured in MAY 1951 Manufacturing Dates for Early Briggs &...
  4. Harquebus

    Manco what?

    No sense in blasting the frame, just wash it/degrease it. Looks like original Manco red and pretty intact--you should just revel in its originality. I was going to ask what the aftermarket 'pit bike' muffler sounded like but it's not running is it?
  5. Harquebus

    Freak-Bikes, Homemades, Customs, Frankenbikes & Oddballs

    I add this bike (found on craigslist) to the ugly-freak category for the interesting and laughable muffler treatment.
  6. Harquebus

    Manco what?

    Not the original engine. They were 3.5 (Tecumseh) to 4 HP (Subaru Robin) at the most. That thing is a minor classic minibike and almost complete. Be a shame to butcher it into a drag bike... unless you didn't mean serious drag racing...
  7. Harquebus

    Tecumseh go kart engine ID

    What's the complete engine serial number/engine code, Kyminibiker? Markus knows the year and HP just by sight alone but it's not fair to the rest of us plebes. :p Looks like someone sanded off the paint to better read the serial no. but it rusted over. Great info. I guess Tecumseh did that...
  8. Harquebus

    Interesting Remote Filter Set-Up

    Thanks for sharing that, Dad, it's an education. Only closest analogue I know of is the high mounted snorkel on my Odyssey FL250. I'm sure the ribs (for her pleasure?) help atomize the fuel/air mixture but do you need 3' to do it? :p
  9. Harquebus

    Tecumseh go kart engine ID

    Lies and marketing? All for a half horsepower increase. . .:rolleyes:
  10. Harquebus

    Coleman B200R Mods

    If you really want to know, start your own thread instead of tacking your own inquiry onto someone else's thread (it's called a hijack) or just use the search function. Questions about adding a TC to these bikes & covering all the pitfalls has probably been asked 1,000 times already. People...
  11. Harquebus

    Quiet mini bike exhaust?

    How about modifying the stock muffler? Take the standard CT200U box muffler and then on or inside where the exhaust comes out, weld on the ubiquitous Briggs 294599 muffler. They can be had painted (usually white) or zinc plated (looks like chrome). The Briggs muffler is basically a spark...
  12. Harquebus

    Quiet mini bike exhaust?

    Most people want louder! :p The stock muffler is pretty quiet and designed to be quiet, you know, for the virgin ears of the consumer. A good idea is to enter "quiet minibike muffler" into the Youtube search bar and look for mods people have done. Some are using comically large mini motorcycle...
  13. Harquebus


    The fuel tank is generic more or less and can be found anywhere. But the wheels are Azusa 10" steel wheels: That is the manufacturer's website, so you'd be buying directly from the manufacturer but it's worth a shot to...
  14. Harquebus


    As others have wisely said, just clean it up with soap and water (literally), maybe with something special like Meguiar's car wash and then wax the frame to bring back any luster that is missing from oxidization. I'd service whatever needs servicing, like fixing the recoil starter so that it...
  15. Harquebus

    Bronco mini bike wheels with tires.

    Had no idea there was another maker that used "turbine style" wheels very similar to, but not the same as Rupp Grand Prix "turbine" wheels. It's BRONCCO with two c's. ;)
  16. Harquebus

    Please help with kart ID, thanks

    No, they're Rupp Grand Prix rims. :p ...commonly called turbines
  17. Harquebus

    Please help with kart ID, thanks

    No idea. Has some unique features all over. I'd ask on Bob's karting forum, the Vintage kart forums, rearenginekarts and elsewhere because it certainly is vintage and they have a wider knowledge base
  18. Harquebus

    Original RUPP D300 Kart & Chevy Jr. Dealer Paperwork

    Hopelessly late here (almost at the 10 year mark!), but whoever bought that should do the forum a service and scan each page and upload to the site. Love these old brochures and manuals!
  19. Harquebus

    Broncco Eagle decals

    Have you contacted the seller "peeweepinstriping" on the bay? He already has some Broncco decals in inventory, not the ones you're looking for however...
  20. Harquebus

    Smoking motor

    Is it stock or already customized? (often customized worse instead of better, lol) Too much oil in the engine? Post a video to youtube then post the link...