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  1. jrzmac

    1970 fox trail tramp

    That's the way the rear fender was on my thunderbolt....
  2. jrzmac

    San Diego Rupp "barn" Find

    heres an ad with the bike in blue
  3. jrzmac

    Rupp "SS" Build

    laying low Buck! was spending way too much time on the computer for a while there. now its more "quality time" with the fam!!!!!! I pop in once in a while. my bike is collecting a lot of dust down the shore at my sisters house. haven't been on it in a while. I showed my brother in law how to...
  4. jrzmac

    Rupp "SS" Build

    oh, O.K.. the front brakes through me off! great job b.t.w.
  5. jrzmac

    another rupp finished

  6. jrzmac

    Rupp "SS" Build

    nice rebuild... pretty sure it's a Hustler though, not a Scrambler!
  7. jrzmac

    FFfffox Spoiler

    I really dig that bike. I dig it even better like this. someone put a front fender on it!
  8. jrzmac

    FFfffox Spoiler

  9. jrzmac

    Comet 20 series TC on HS40

    I have the same clutch, and the same problem. I just put the clutch on without the "end keeper" part. and it works fine without it. but if you find a way to drill out that end piece, let me know. maybe you could do mine somehow?
  10. jrzmac

    speedway widow maker

    thats coming out sweet!
  11. jrzmac

    Lll Indy

  12. jrzmac

    Replacment Tecumseh carb??

    these come with the swivel fuel inlet (I hope): Carburetor for Tecumseh 631921 632284 631070A Fits Many H25 H30 H35 Engines | eBay Tecumseh Replacement Carb Carburetor 631921 632284 631070A | eBay
  13. jrzmac

    thunder bolt

    I'll find one, one of these days Buck!!!!
  14. jrzmac

    thunder bolt

    I had a Fox Thunderbolt as a kid. It was given to me by my Uncle Mike(rip) when I was old enough around 11 or 12. Heres a few old school pics: me, my Uncle and older sister down th shore: me and Uncle Mike in the Pine Barrens at the jersey shore (1970's): The thing has been M.I.A...
  15. jrzmac

    Please help me identify my Rupp!

    you guys are right. probly a 72 Scrambler with a Roadster front tire and unknown fender. gonna be easier to go in the scrambler direction I guess
  16. jrzmac

    Please help me identify my Rupp!

    Looks like a 72 Roadster with the lights missing. They problaby had a Scrambler lying around and just combined the two, throwing the rear wheel and the H35 on it. I thought maybe an Enduro's because of the lights, but if thats an original front tire, the Enduros had motocross treads, not trials .
  17. jrzmac

    Rupp 10 inch Mag Wheels

    or these will work:
  18. jrzmac

    Rupp 10 inch Mag Wheels

    these are not in the best shape, but with a little work they can get there! Vtg Rupp Minibike Complete Rear 10" Slotted Wheel Assembly Tire Lever Sprocket | eBay Vtg Rupp Minibike Complete Front 10" Slotted Wheel Assembly Tire Brake Lever | eBay
  19. jrzmac

    1970 Rupp roadster

    #15330 1970 KICKSTAND
  20. jrzmac

    New guy question

    yes, go grab it!