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  1. kayde

    Rear wheel bearings

    I really don't believe my bike had much use, but it certainly sat around alot and was pilfered and neglected. I rebuilt the original shocks My shocks were all rusted and seized, but once cleaned up they operate tite and smooth they do lack some dampening but not enough too care about. Mine...
  2. kayde

    Assembly required

    Pat yourself on the back for makin it happen, definitely pride in saying built not bought. And as long as you have confidence in your work that's really all that matters. I can envision full grown great grand kids saying " my great gran pappy built these". Keep on truckin... Ps, I've loaded...
  3. kayde

    Rear wheel bearings

    Nice project, these mtds are awesome bikes. Mild clone power and a 220# goof on it ive ridden mine pretty hard and love it, I actually just put it away a bit ago, at this time its still my favorite mini bike I have. I dropped bicycle ball bearings as a kid lived an learned from that experience...
  4. kayde

    Friday nite lites

    Never been here or heard of them before but it's close by and figured I would share.
  5. kayde

    71 Rupp Roadster Torque Converter Question

    I to have a 20 series on a 72 rupp and would definitely prefer a 30 series on it but the 20 was easier and works OK as is. The oe rupp converters can look really sharp , was a shame to put the cover over this one
  6. kayde

    Thunderbolt 200mc

    I did see that tank on ebay, the pin holes near the seam scared me. Mount holes appear to be 9.75 on center, they are clover leafed holes and appear to be stamped not drilled. And for giggles 13" long tunnel. Peanut tanks were way to common in the 70's , the model slips my mind at the moment...
  7. kayde

    Thunderbolt 200mc

    Another mini I've only even seen on here. I'll get that measurement tomorrow, i shoulda did that first too help identify it. I could just fill it up through one of the many quick flow vents instead of unscrewing that pesky fuel cap. Mr sparkwizard those chrome tanks reminds me of destro
  8. kayde

    Thunderbolt 200mc

    I believe you both are correct. The bottom and tunnel are crusty on the inside but seems very solid yet.
  9. kayde

    Thunderbolt 200mc

    Crazy how the roof caved in and is real thin but the rest seems really solid even though it was filled to the top with flakey crusty rust when I got it. Be nice if a tec tank would fit within the frame then a cosmetic fix would be easy. Triley, This thunderbolt has 16" front and rear wheels...
  10. kayde

    Thunderbolt 200mc

    Pics of the tank
  11. kayde

    Thunderbolt 200mc

    Picked up this rough 200mc in early spring and instantly thought what a cool bike although it looks like another fairly straight forward rusty project my biggest problem so far is the absolutely roached fuel tank. Anyone know if this tank was exclusive to this bike or if it was used on any...
  12. kayde

    My new project. 70 Roadster.

    Congrats on another sweet bike very nice color choice too. My opinion is you just can't beat the look of the 71 up rupp mini cycles.
  13. kayde

    Freak-Bikes, Homemades, Customs, Frankenbikes & Oddballs

    Still too much work
  14. kayde

    Windber Mini Bike Reunion

    Really need to plan on attending this event, looks like alot of fun.
  15. kayde

    ARCO 2502

    Nice bike and well done, these make great little riders for just about anyone, especially new young riders. Truly surprised at the amount of abuse we put on a arco very similar to this one and it hasn't us failed yet. Now you can say yours survived a hurricane.
  16. kayde

    Dry lube

    Quite like the oe lube on clone drivers. Kinda like I was hoping for. Never gave a thought too u toob search it.
  17. kayde

    Dry lube

    Terrible at using the quote feature. I've been exclusively using the same pb product myself and haven't ever compared it to any other lube, not smart considering there are others and the comet lube is so called specifically designed for this use. Early spring I was prepping my clone powered...
  18. kayde

    JB weld doesn't work very well to build intake manifold

    Perhaps a carb brace for cheap insurance. I bet it cracked when your bike was crashed and simply got worse. Sometimes I warm up jb weld with a heat gun before mixing as it tends to flow in gaps and lay out smoother, learned that one cold winter day when my jb tubes were rock hard cold.
  19. kayde

    Im sure the engineers at coleman planned this into their design.

    I hope they put a chain on it and instantly pretzel the frame so nobody gets hurt. Just because you can doesn't mean you should comes to mind.
  20. kayde

    Dry lube

    Thank ye'all for the input. I haven't opened or even completely read the instructions yet but I did see its brushable or sprayable.