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  1. fhpe77

    Tillostin 212cc won’t start after chain fell off

    I had this happen to my modded Predator 212 hemi. Managed to float the valves even with 26lb springs. This resulted in a push rod losing contact with the rocker arm and moving sideways, thus no longer allowing the intake valve to operate. It also resulted in a bent intake push rod. Pull your...
  2. fhpe77

    My problem is that the left handlebar is bent. Sure the forks are froze-up but I just want the...

    My problem is that the left handlebar is bent. Sure the forks are froze-up but I just want the handlebar straight at this point. Someone tried to heat them and straighten them but they failed, probably ruining the steel's temper and weakening the handlebar. Plus my frame has been modified...
  3. fhpe77

    Looking for a set of JC Penny El Tigre front forks

    I'm looking for a set of JC Penny El Tigre front forks to replace my existing ones. My left handle bar is bent and the springs are frozen. I would also consider buying a frame and forks set. Please advise. Thank you. -Ray
  4. fhpe77

    Old Tecumseh engine oil, Synthetic or regular?

    Township eh? I graduated from Washington Twp High school in...well a long frickin' time ago. Used to live in Wedgewood, near the golf course. I74 mentions Tru Fuel, that stuff is good too. Tru Fuel is 92 octane while VP SEF is 94 octane but that will not make much of a difference in a...
  5. fhpe77

    Old Tecumseh engine oil, Synthetic or regular?

    Cross Keys Airport? I live less than 15 minutes from there in Erial. Leaded gas is not the best choice for living beings. Yes, the engine will like it but our kids can do without additional lead in their bodies. My solution is expensive but is readily available. Head over to Tractor Supply...
  6. fhpe77

    Best Honda GX160 Round Slide Carb?

    Do yourself a favor and install a genuine Mikuni VM22-133. It made all the difference on my built engine and jets are readily available. -Ray
  7. fhpe77

    196cc or 212 build

    Go with the SS valve kit. It's cheap insurance. Automotive split keepers secure the valves way better than the stock key slot retainer. Also, the SS valves have undercut stems and a nice finish which improves air/exhaust flow.
  8. fhpe77

    BE225cc motor?

    I've never heard of this company before. Looking at the website, the specsheet/breakdown states that their "225cc" engine has a 68mm bore and a 54mm stroke which works out to be 196cc. Something is not right.
  9. fhpe77

    Lightly used VM22 Mikuni "Chikuni" carburetor

    Sold! Thanks OldMiniBikes Forum! -Ray
  10. fhpe77

    Lightly used VM22 Mikuni "Chikuni" carburetor

    Price drop $50 + shipping. The intake is new and sells for $24.99. -Ray
  11. fhpe77

    Lightly used VM22 Mikuni "Chikuni" carburetor

    Up for sale, a clean Mikuni VM22 "Chikuni" carburetor kit for Honda GX200/Clone engines. I bought this carb from NR Racing ~two years ago. This carb has low hours and has seen a little 93 octane pump gas and mostly VP 94 octane SEF (ethanol free) fuel. The only fault I can find is the rubber...
  12. fhpe77

    GX160 Clone jetting question

    I just re-read what I wrote days ago. The first part is backwards. It should read: More/larger holes = leaner, less/smaller holes = richer for the E-tube. The last sentence is correct, the E-tube with less or fewer holes is the performance E-tube. Sorry for the confusion. -Ray
  13. fhpe77

    GX160 Clone jetting question

    More/larger holes = richer, less/smaller hole = leaner for the E-tube. My guess is the performance E-tube is the one with smaller holes. -Ray
  14. fhpe77

    212 gasket

    The Honda gasket fits the Predator Hemi. I'm not sure about the non-hemi. -Ray
  15. fhpe77

    212 gasket

    I don't have a stock gasket to measure but an after market (green colored on both sides) measures 0.0215" thick. Honda P/N 11381-ZH8-801 (green one side, tan other side) measures 0.0200" thick. -Ray
  16. fhpe77

    Clone 6.5 Governor removal help

    DaddyJohn, Hahaha! Nice. Yes, we do make a good team. I'd like to see some pics of their throttle setup. It takes some thought to work that out. Before I ditched the stock carb for a Chikuni the last problem was the much <1/4 turn of the twist grip from idle to full throttle. That made...
  17. fhpe77

    Clone 6.5 Governor removal help

    DaddyJohn, But they are a new member. We must bring them into the fold. I don't want to see anyone get hurt. Hopefully dbrak is still reading this. Billet flywheels are cheap insurance. Yep, gokart racing..blah..blah....but they don't operate with flywheels spinning under their nuts. We...
  18. fhpe77

    Clone 6.5 Governor removal help

    You should read this: This forum has a strict policy about removing the governor on stock engines. I suggest that you return your governor to functional condition until you upgrade...
  19. fhpe77

    Air filter for Mikuni (Chikuni) 22mm carburetors

    After getting my Mikuni (Chikuni) carburetor sorted out last winter/spring I have been enjoying the new-found performance. It works really well with my build and rideability and throttle response is vastly improved over the stock re-jetted Predator carb. I used the air filter provided with the...
  20. fhpe77

    Throttle lever & Breather kit ?

    Ray, It looks like they repurposed that spring to act as a throttle return spring. It certainly wasn't installed that way from the factory, clamped under the blower housing bolt. Your new pics really have me thinking that the governor is no longer functional. Topping out at 36 mph could...