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  1. JamestheWolf0809

    year book yourself?

    I'd look creepy with a fro but I'll check the site out and post my results. :hack:
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  4. John Deere machine

    John Deere machine

    Just misc. pictures. I don't have any money to reconstruct this bike so I will make all the needed parts myself.
  5. John Deere mini bike

    John Deere mini bike

    I'm thinking this might be a terra cat but I really don't know.
  6. JamestheWolf0809

    Comment by 'JamestheWolf0809' in media 'IMG_2217'

    I need wheels like the ones on this bike for mine. The problem is I can't find anything for mini bikes where I live. Heck I need a brake for mine as well. I rely on gravity to slow me down. Awesome bike.
  7. JamestheWolf0809

    Adventure is a field away

    I love roaming in fields with patches of thick brush on my minii bike. It's tough like a tractor and oddly enough it's themed for John Deere. O' my grandpa would love it if he were living. I use my mini bike for everything from pulling logs out of the woods to hauling deer on a utility trailer...
  8. JamestheWolf0809

    Comment by 'JamestheWolf0809' in media 'Coleman Sport 2.40'

    If I had a mini bike like this, I'd seriously start mini bike motocross event. Awesome bike.
  9. Terra Cat?

    Terra Cat?

    I got this mini bike a few months ago at a salvage yard and suspect it might be a Terra Cat. There are parts on it that might suggest it's a mini bike made from various parts. It's themed with John Deere which is cool.