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  1. EagleTalons

    GX160 what clutch set up...

    You could use a Comet Torque Converter 40 series. It would handle the power and give you more speed off of the line.
  2. EagleTalons

    Clone Accelerates out of control

    Gear it a lil higher so you stop having slow wrecks. The fast wrecks waste much less time.
  3. EagleTalons

    Wanna see my woodie?

    It looks like a wheelie machine with the right engine on it.
  4. EagleTalons

    My friends Mini- Fully custom

    Why do people do nice airbrushing and use a BICYCLE tire on their build? Other than that it looks nice. Need a video of this chopper running.
  5. EagleTalons

    does anybody know how to hook up a battery?

    Can you please take a picture of the cable ends? It should be as simple as red to positive and black to negative.
  6. EagleTalons

    great news

    When the governor blows up. I want picture of the carnage inside.
  7. EagleTalons

    valve clearance

    You need a small amount of lash for when the engine heats up and the parts expand. As not to burn a valve.
  8. EagleTalons

    valve clearance

    When you set it that loose you lose lift.
  9. EagleTalons

    Throttle without Gov Arm

    I guess I should have gave more background on the engine. I pulled the governor. All of it. Even the arm out of the top of the engine and I blocked both holes off.
  10. EagleTalons

    Throttle without Gov Arm

    I didn't leave any governor parts into my engine. My engine has a billet rod. I don't know where it said that I decided to leave the governor weights and plastic gear in there...
  11. EagleTalons

    Throttle without Gov Arm

    How would someone hook the throttle up without the governor arm? I pulled the governor arm off of my engine because I did not want it, but now I don't know how to hook the throttle up... This is a 6.5 Greyhound stock carb.
  12. EagleTalons

    Clone mods

    I don't like how NR racing site is set up. I bought from AGK instead.
  13. EagleTalons

    Clone mods

    I decided to go with a two stage exhaust. Here is the finished product! I will post specs on it later.
  14. EagleTalons


    Here is the guy that built the first one. T-man's kart's - DIY Go Kart Forum
  15. EagleTalons

    6.5 clone harbour freight

    It takes 10 pulls to remember that I shut it off...
  16. EagleTalons

    i hate being freaked out

    Meh all its all in your mind. Hear what you want. See what you want. Think what you want.
  17. EagleTalons

    I jsut odered this from nr racing cant wait to start

    Go get all of those lawnboys he has! Had like 40?
  18. EagleTalons

    Best Oil

    Run 5w-30 synthetic. It recommends it on briggs website.