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  1. J

    Italjet mini Bambino

    Appears to be the same yellow as on my Indian mm5a.. Its a beauty.. Marilyn >> USA <<
  2. J

    WTB Indian Italjet wheels

    Did you ever get this Italjet JC5B Finshed ?? Would enjoy seeing some photos of it, if available ?? Marilyn
  3. J

    1972 Indian mini, mini mm-5a Colors ??

    Howdy all.. Has anyone ever seen a 1972 Indian mm-5a mini, mini with the factory green color ?? Our manual states that the only colors that were available in 1972 were green, orange & yellow ?? I'm thinking the next 2 years the colors came out in orange, yellow & silver ?? Was there a blue...
  4. J

    Indian or Italjet mini, mini front & rear fenders. Inidan = metal Italjet = plastic

    Schuck's.. No luck for our mini, mini.. Thank you for trying tho.. :thumbsup:
  5. J

    Indian or Italjet mini, mini front & rear fenders. Inidan = metal Italjet = plastic

    Hello, Does anyone have a set of front & rear fenders for the Indian mm5a Mini, mini (metal) and/or for the Italjet mm5b mini, mini (plastic) ?? Please let us know.. Thank you..
  6. J

    WTB Franco Morini inidian mm-5A or MM-5B S5K2 Italjet Spark plug cap

    Hello, we are in need of a spark plug cap w/ the spring inside that attaches to the spark plug ?? These are made of brass and screw into the main cap.. All the Indian & Italjet mini's used the same parts and pieces. I know i can gerry rig it pretty easily, but we would like to find the...
  7. J

    Italjet mini bambino

    I been having some luck finding pieces & parts on Ebay.. I haven' t had much luck here and very, very few responses.. Let me know what you are searching for and maybe i can help you out along the way searching for parts at the same time myself.. Any chance you have an extra right hand brake...
  8. J

    Searching for early 70's to early 80's Italjet Right hand Side Brake Lever mm5b

    Thanks for the tip.. I'm on it.. Not sure about the name of the lever (Cite) ?? We do see the same levers used on the other Italjet mini models..
  9. J

    Searching for early 70's to early 80's Italjet Right hand Side Brake Lever mm5b

    Hello, We're looking for a right hand side brake lever for our Mid 70's Italjet MM5B.. Looking through tons of photos, the other Italjet minis models used the same levers which were black.. We have the housing, but no lever.. Anyone ?? Thank You, Marilyn..
  10. J

    Italjet MM5B Looking for the front brake handle and/or assembly

    Hello all.. Does anyone have some leftover Italjet MM5B pieces & parts ?? These Italjets are just like the Indian MM5A mini, minis, but Itlajet used a different brake lever set up on their Mini, mini MM5B or also known as the Bambino !! We're missing the rightside front brake lever assembly...
  11. J

    72 Indian mm5a Steering bearing adjustment

    Greatly Appreciated !! :thumbsup:
  12. J

    Indian mm5a spare shock parts ??

    Does anyone have any mismatched shock parts off the indian mm5a or itajet m5a ?? Looking for the lower shock mount w/ the rubber grommet and metal sleeve insert ?? This piece unscrews from the lower shock tube attached to the rear swing arm.. Thank you, Marilyn.. :grind:
  13. J

    72 Indian mm5a Steering bearing adjustment

    Howdy,We just replaced all 52 steering bearings in the front handle bar/goose neck area.. Does anyone know how these should be adjusted properly ?? 5/32" bicycle bearings steel chrome.. Any help great appreciated.. Thank you, Marilyn.. :hammer:
  14. J

    Indian mm5a Shock part

    Does anyone have any spare indian mm5a rear shock pieces ?? Just need 1 lower grommet w/ metal sleeve & housing still intact.. This is the piece that unscrews from the lower end of the shock.. ( See Upper threaded piece in photo..Thanx
  15. J

    Indian mini inner tubes 2 1/2 x 8

    Sorry, yes.. Tire size is the same as inner tube.. 2 1/2 x 8" I'll go check out the 300 x 8 right now.. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :wink: Thank you !!
  16. J

    Indian mini inner tubes 2 1/2 x 8

    Are there any small 8" inner tubes available out there ?? We are searching for some 2 1/2 x 8" inner tubes.. Maybe 2.50 x 8" :confused: :confused:
  17. J

    72 indian MM5A decal help..

    Anyone on here that might know the correct decals for the 1972 Indian MM5A ?? Ours was orange, but kind of mift as to the correct decals.. :confused: We've seen white strips on the fenders, & tank plus the white indian logo on the gas tank, i think this might have been a 1973 model w/ the white...
  18. Cat mini bike  Model ??

    Cat mini bike Model ??

    Cat mini bike in yelm, WA. Model unknown..
  19. J

    72 Indian MM5A Magneto testing ??

    Dave, All wires checked out good.. No breaks, kinks and/or hooked up improperly.. :thumbsup: 1 coil was reading dead or at least inside the cap was reading zero.. :confused: Still hard at it tho.. Waiting for new points & condensor.. :wink:
  20. J

    72 Indian MM5A Magneto testing ??

    Anyone know the specs for the coil and ignition units on the Franco Morini S5K2 engine ?? Need the ohm specs or a least something close.. Thanx.. :hammer: