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    Narrow Super Bronc forks or alternative

    alsport trikes had wide and narrow variations to their forks , (front end). a few years back,...with some slight modification i mounted a alsport front end to a boonie bike that had been wrecked. gave the boonie a different look due to the springs etc. ...... never tried it on a big super bronc...
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    Super Bronc seat (bracket)

    thanks superflea. and thanks to OldMiniBikes members for their replies.
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    Super Bronc seat (bracket)

    jeep2003 thank you for the pm. sent to you regarding payment. thank you....joe
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    Super Bronc seat (bracket)

    creia and gumpit.....i appreciate the information and contact. thank you and have a safe holiday. ...joe
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    Super Bronc seat (bracket)

    chrisr....thank you....i`ll send chatten63 a pm after the thanksgiving crowd heads back home. enjoy the holidays....joe
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    Super Bronc seat (bracket)

    W.T.B. Super Bronc seat to spring-shock (bracket only). PM Price and shipping if you have one available. ....THANKS. JOE Tucson,Az.
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    Boonie Bike

    My grandson never really cared for the Boonie BIKE. He road his trikes and bonanza most of the time. The bike has been sitting for some time. Kenny made the seat a few years back. Other than the seat and pouch,..pretty much like i bought it. One of the members will be posting a...
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    Bearcat Twister

    Grandson wants a quad. so i`m selling a few mini bikes. This is a go just about anywhere machine. Not too many of these around. i road this for a short time when i first bought it. The Bearcats are slow and made to climb. Original paint,seat and engine. If i were planning to keep,...i...
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    Super Bronc 10hp

    Grandson wants a quad, we are selling a few mini bikes. This Super Bronc ran excellent when parked 2 years ago. I Will need to clean the carb and make the ajustments prior to sale. Kenny (8-ball),.. did the seat. Fairly new tires. Original 10hp engine. Headlight was a throw in when...
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    Yerf Dog Minibike

    Yerf Dog Mini Bike. MADE IN THE U.S.A. very good to excellent condition. never had any issues. 5.5 tecumseh. check out the photo on that`s my grandson riding the same bike. he`s getting into other stuff, this is for sale. located in Tucson,AZ. pick up only...$375...
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    Cat Muskin Chain Guard

    SOLD...Thank You!!! :thumbsup:
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    Cat Muskin Chain Guard

    Cat Muskin (Long) Chain Guard Payment was never received on this item :shrug:, it`s still available.:thumbsup:
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    Super Bronc Kickstand

    hey miniminibike. i had made a purchase from mr. spillman several years back. he is a great guy. and for anyone looking for a nice kickstand or other parts,...he`s a good guy to do business with. thanks for posting....:thumbsup:
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    Wanted: Super Bronc Parts

    bmi sells shocks on ebay that worked well on one of my super broncs. very reasonable ,..if you take your time bidding. as big jim mentioned,..kenny will make a great super bronc seat for you.
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    Cat Muskin Chain Guard

    sold,..pending payment. thanks choppernut.
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    Cat Muskin Chain Guard

    Original Cat Muskin chain guard. (The long one.) Still has the original decal. Some areas of rust,..nothing bad. No extra holes,..not modified. $160. plus $15. shipping to the lower 48. Send me a pm if interested. i can email some pictures.
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    Stereo thread

    check out you may find the forums interesting.
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    Heald Super Bronc

    ron kimball 1-800-535-9529
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    Kart for Sale

    nate. ss gas tank received. very nice... thank you!!! :thumbsup:
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    8 hp Briggs Parts

    thanks for the parts. carb. runs great......:thumbsup: