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  1. I90Roadking

    restoring coleman sport 2.40

    Jeff should have the decals. If I remember right, he had bought out the rights and overstock to Coleman mini bikes.
  2. I90Roadking

    Just bought a Ramrod

    Nice ride! I have a couple myself.
  3. I90Roadking

    50cc sachs saxonette 2 speed

    Dexron II tranny fluid. 250 cc or approx 8.8 oz
  4. I90Roadking

    50cc sachs saxonette 2 speed

    Dexron tranny fluid. Have the correct ammount but I'll have to check my documents at home.
  5. I90Roadking

    1970 arctic ssscat II

    Bob or Jeff should be able to help you out with some of the items. There is also a guy from Theif Riverfalls MN on Ebay running a continuous auction on correct AC fenders for right side chain drive.
  6. I90Roadking

    10" - 24 spoke Rims

    They were on Rupp, Arctic Cat, Fox and Coleman. Pretty tuff find. There is guy out of Michigan selling unlaced rims on Ebay ocasionally. You could also try Robert Fraggoman
  7. I90Roadking


    Hard to find the 14 x 6's any more but they do pop up on Ebay. You can go to a 410/350 - 6 which is a 12.5 tire or a 530/450 - 6 which is a 14.5. Universal tread is very similar to the trial tread. The 14.5's work fine on the Arctic Cats
  8. I90Roadking

    E85 Gas Station in Hayward, CA !!!!!

    Bummer on the cost of E85 out there. 50 cents to a dollar a gallon cheaper here.
  9. I90Roadking

    WANTED!!! Arctic Cat Carb

    Kabee Stock carb is a Mikuni. Have to check to see what mm. They were a bugger. Most of them broke at the base clamped to a manifold tube. I haven't found any other sources for replacement carbs. If you want to ride it this up coming season, I would suggest the purchase from Fraggoman...
  10. I90Roadking

    arctic cat info

    Hi Mac Do you know what model you have? Robert Fragoman carries alot of the parts for Arctic Cat, otherwise it is hunt and peck on Ebay and there are a few sources out there with similar parts. PM me when you get a chance.
  11. I90Roadking

    24 spoke 10" wheel source???

    The Sun 10" 24 wheels are hard to come by. They were on Arctic Cat, Coleman, Fox and early Rupps. The wheel hubs on all are slightly different but the rim is the same. From time to time there is a guy on Ebay by the name aof Road_King_Frank that has the blanks. You might check with Brandt...
  12. I90Roadking

    Automatic Saxonette

    Smallbikes is right on the makes. If you have the complete motor, the expensive part is over. Should be able to pick up a rolling frame pretty reasonable.
  13. I90Roadking

    Help with identification

    Looks like a Scat Cat
  14. I90Roadking

    Fuel Tank Dent - Ideas?

    Use an autobody spoon and go from the inside. You could also spot weld a rod, pull it then sand it. Best bet would be to take it to a body shop and let a pro do it. Minimal cost. Lot less than buying a new straight tank.
  15. I90Roadking

    New Member with Question

    Look for guys selling Sachs or Saxonette parts. Also German motors that used Bing carbs. There are a few guys on Ebay.
  16. I90Roadking

    How to tell if a Rupp Is a 71 or 72?

    I am not an expert at Rupp but my buddy is. I beleive the year is coded in the serial # on the seat pan. You could also ask Rupnitro
  17. I90Roadking

    Rusted tank

    I use CLR and handful of small jagged stones (granite) then a second shot with some hot soapy water and stones. Cleans up pretty nice. BB's might be too smooth?
  18. I90Roadking

    how old are you?

    44 in a month but only on the birth certificate. 20 at heart!
  19. I90Roadking

    Anyone have an Arctic Cat Ramrod?

    Dido on the parts I have 3. Both Jeff and Bob are good sources for Arctic Cat parts. There is also a guy on ebay that has remanned the front fork springs and fork boots who goes by hotpepper107. He is out of NE. For new seats, Joe Lapota is the man. I worked with him a few years back on...
  20. I90Roadking

    west bend 820

    Hey Kyle, what brand of ride are you looking to put it in?