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  1. rixter58


    Trapper mini bike. Pretty complete except for recoil. Engine turns over and has compression. Front tire holds air, rear hoes down quickly. $650 or best offer. Buyer arranges and pays shipping. Your personal check Or cash is fine, but bike leaves when check clears.
  2. rixter58


    Ok... somebody help me out here. How do I add a picture to this from my iPhone?
  3. rixter58


    I have a 95% complete Trapper that I’m willing to let go to a better home. Missing only the recoil, but I’m sure it’s in one of my parts boxes around here. Seat has no tears and fiberglass is decent. Engine turns over and has good compression but I haven’t had it running. $650.
  4. rixter58

    another one on cl

    I agree!
  5. rixter58

    Heald Hauler trike

    Never had an electric. How much use do you get out of a battery charge?
  6. rixter58

    Big dreamers = Nuts

    Why get all spun up over it? I believe everyone has the right to price his possessions wherever he likes. AND I have the right to not buy them.
  7. rixter58

    1969 Terra Floater Rare Ben Hur Edition

    Hey! I know that bike!
  8. rixter58

    Heald Garden Tractor?

    Doing good. Was about 150 miles away from that tractor, but couldn't figure out how to haul it home with the camper hooked to the pickup.
  9. rixter58

    Heald Garden Tractor?

    Guess my collection is less close to completion than I thought.
  10. rixter58

    Lil' Indian Ski Bike

    Trying to figure out what I would do with that. Going to be out there next week. Anything else cool on on list to sell?
  11. rixter58

    OldMiniBikes etiquette

    I'm a believer that a person has the right to do whatever he chooses with possessions that he worked hard to get and pay for. That said, there are a certain amount of people in this world that will extract all sorts of favors out of others to get said possessions. In that circumstance...
  12. rixter58

    Super Bronc

    Worth that all day long IMHO.
  13. rixter58

    1975 oddity currently on CL Boston

    Wasn't that very bike on EBay for like 6 months straight?
  14. rixter58

    uglyyyy bike cool motor

    I'd bet that a crisp $100 bill owns it.
  15. rixter58

    Super Bronc in Indiana

    Actually though, in fairness, there doesn't seem to be as many out there as a few years back. Used to be 3-5 a week on fleabay.
  16. rixter58

    Super Bronc in Indiana

    I will probably end up parting a couple out at some point.
  17. rixter58

    Super Bronc in Indiana

    They really aren't all that hard to come by. That one looks like a pretty good start
  18. rixter58

    Must haaaave

    Anyone looking for a decent Trapper... Pm me.
  19. rixter58

    Owosso Explorer Trike for Sale-Michigan

    I'd recommend going the extra mile and getting the title. I think you will be rewarded for your efforts.
  20. rixter58

    Baja Diesel Custom

    I was back-up bidder when it sold on eBay. Still very cool.