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  1. BigJ

    Bird Minibike Resto-mod

    Sweet project, it's gonna be a great rider! Here is mine, hope this helps clarify the foot pedal situation. Hopefully this summer she'll get restored as well!
  2. BigJ

    cheeftah 1400 for sale

    Can you post up some pictures, tell us where you are and a price!
  3. BigJ


    Would you still be able to ID the build year?
  4. BigJ

    Any ideas?

    Is your number plate sticker still in tact? If so would you post it?
  5. BigJ

    Cheeftah 325 Resto-Mod

    That is a great idea! I know one of them is an Indian head Carlisle tires! Definitely a wall hanger! I’ll check tonight.
  6. BigJ

    Cheeftah 325 Resto-Mod

    Good evening, I'd like to share my latest project. A Cheetah 325! Not sure of the year but the original engine plate was stamped 62879 (June 28, 1979?) I've always enjoyed the 6-spoke wheels these came with. Something about the classic style made this one jump out at me. It was in really...
  7. BigJ

    Cheeftah Clutch Cover- Wanted

    is it still available?
  8. BigJ


    No Clinton’s unfortunately. I did find an older 4 hp Briggs I plan to put on it
  9. BigJ

    Reproduction Feedback Wanted

    Any luck with a reproduction?
  10. BigJ


    I would love to find out where my Cheeftah fit in with your records!
  11. BigJ


  12. BigJ

    MORE MTD Parts!!

    It’s worth a shot!
  13. BigJ

    Fairbanks morse kick starter

    Still for sale?
  14. BigJ

    MORE MTD Parts!!

    Do you still have the kickstand brackets?
  15. BigJ

    Need a Sportstyl wheel

    I have one and only one for sale.
  16. BigJ

    Drink beer !

    Howdy and Cheers from Houston, TX USA!
  17. BigJ


    I am interested in starting a restoration project soon. I've tracked down a few bikes to possibly purchase. I am not looking to spend a fortune but something that will be super cool and fun for the mid range price. Ive found this bike for sale and would like to know the rarity of this particular...
  18. BigJ

    Parting out a 400X Cat

    Are some of these items still for sale....6 years later???
  19. BigJ

    How Much Torque On Heads?

    11.66 ft lbs if you are wondering!
  20. BigJ

    What is this

    Thanks everyone for the feedback! Now comes to challenge to determine if it's worth finding the right parts, or go custom! Does anyone know the brake set-up that came of these bike? I'm not even sure if the sprocket that is bolted onto the wheel is correct...