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  1. kruger

    H35,H40 Or HS50

    Not a teacher just a good student
  2. kruger

    H35,H40 Or HS50

    Don't get on here calling me a crook because you was too stupid too set up your PayPal account right ! I sent the $80 to the phone number linked to your account, its not my fault that you don't know your own photo number dumbass! Now 5 months later you still crying. Grow a pair get over it &...
  3. kruger

    H35,H40 Or HS50

    I have what i think is a hs50 electric start techumseh. Inbox me for more info & pics.
  4. kruger

    2 cycle rat rod toad

    That's a great place to start with a 5" rear wheel.
  5. kruger

    Anybody interested in custom intake manifolds

    I'm interested in a curved toward the front end of my bike intake for muki to clone motor. Pm sent.
  6. kruger

    What Head To Run

    So glad I found this thread, I have a clone motor with stock crankshaft, arc standard length rod, a bsp3 cam , & flat top Honda piston. I was 0.00 in the hole , question is with my 14cc head is my compression too high ? I used a stock Honda gasket & I broke my crankshaft. I have the new 18cc...
  7. kruger

    black mamba jr trade for port & polished 14cc gx160cyl head

    I understand, if it's possible could you mill that head and I throw in a real comet torque converter ?
  8. kruger

    black mamba jr trade for port & polished 14cc gx160cyl head

    I'm building a open motor and I'm trying to up my compression & flow, if you mill.050 off that head you might have a deal. Can I see pics of ports ?
  9. kruger

    Comment by 'kruger' in media 'Mini Bike Project Pics'

    {ppcode}this is one serious sweet bike love it, frame, shocks, bars, everything nice!
  10. kruger

    black mamba jr trade for port & polished 14cc gx160cyl head

    Like the ad says I have a black mamba Jr cam I'm willing to trade for a gx160 head that has been ported and polished to flow better. I Wil also trade for a gx200 head that has been milled .050 . If anyone is knowledgeable in this area and wants to give his opinion of which is better, the decked...
  11. kruger

    Toyoco Project

    What year is your bike? I have been noticing that in the late 60s,early 70s a few companies started copying the Honda z50 mini bikes but they put tecumseh or 2stroke motor on them. I grew up with Honda z50s & love the ride, wheels, front and rear suspension, brakes, over size seat, etc. Not...
  12. kruger

    free to a good home

    Did he send any out too anyone?
  13. kruger

    Rupp TT500 72 Tooth Rear Sprocket

    I might have one from doodle bug project, $20
  14. kruger

    black mamba jr trade

    I have a black mamba Jr that is like new, only used for 30minutes. I'm interested in the black mamba Sr or another high lift high rpm cam .even trade each pay their own shipping.
  15. kruger

    Vintage round tank carb and air filter

    Pm sent.
  16. kruger

    Honda gx 340 fast idle

    Is choke off ?
  17. kruger

    Stellar #3 Project

    What happened to the white motor? Nice job anyway.
  18. kruger

    Wheel and tire help

    I got 6" doodle bug rim $25 shipped.
  19. kruger

    12v for Oil Pump on Turbo Lifan Project

    Your going to need a lightning coil, it goes under flywheel. the magneto doesn't produce 12v no matter what I flywheel you use.
  20. kruger

    New Coleman CT-200

    I had same problem with a couple of Baja mb165. on one I cut the plate that holds the sprocket and jackshaft in half then took a quarter of a inch out to make sprockets closer then welded it back together and shorten the chain and that was the end of my problem. On the other one I shorten the...