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  1. pmoore4321

    My Truck Got Wrecked

    That is a totaled vehicle? I say no way. I bet you could fix that easy. If it could be had cheap enough, that would be a perfect hunting vehicle for me. I would fix and camo that dude and it would be hauling hunters all around my ranch. That's a nice truck, I had one that same year.
  2. pmoore4321

    "Before and After" pics
  3. pmoore4321

    yep that was me

    yep that was me
  4. pmoore4321

    Lil' Indian 2-piece rebuild

    They were in business as of a few months ago. I bought the "Lil' Indian" decal on the front of my bike from them.
  5. pmoore4321

    Lil' Indian 2-piece rebuild

    micro bill is right. Look on page 9 of the Recreational Leisure catalog:
  6. pmoore4321

    how old are you?

  7. pmoore4321

    Kball you BIOCH!!!!!!!!!

    What up? BIOCHES!
  8. pmoore4321


    It is still for sale unless the guy who bought it is selling it again: 1969 vintage mini bike chopper
  9. pmoore4321

    Lil' Indian 2-piece rebuild

    I don't know if $200 would be insulting, but I certainly would not sell it for that. The flywheel alone was $150. I never planned on trying to make a buck with it, I just built it for myself to cruise around on. I just got in from taking it around the block a few times.
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    Is this someones parts bike or is it factory?
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    Lil' Indian 2-piece rebuild

    I went out to the garage with the intention of touching up the paint after my wife crashed the bike. I also wanted to install my new seat Kenny made for me. I ended up getting some paint stripper and re-doing the paint.
  12. pmoore4321

    vht paint

    BBQ paint works perfect on exhaust systems.
  13. pmoore4321

    Exhaust build

    I bought that same ACE muffler a couple of weeks ago. What did you use to couple the muffler to the straight pipe? I bought a 3/4" threaded coupler that I was going to weld to my straight pipe in order to make the muffler removable. I just haven't had time to have it welded on. I don't...
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    engine makes noise at top speed!
  15. pmoore4321

    speedway minibike

    That's a nice one!
  16. pmoore4321

    Has anyone seen one of these brake setups

    I know EXACTLY what Dave is talking about.
  17. pmoore4321

    Sears Project

    There is one like it on sanantonio.craigslist right now: old school mini bike for sale rare
  18. pmoore4321

    New to site, can you tell me what i have?

    If I had that bike and was going to pass it on, I would keep the same engine that is on it. I might rebuild/restore it, but I would keep it.
  19. pmoore4321

    New to site, can you tell me what i have?

    Ha! My wife actually thinks furniture should take priority over mini bikes. Shows how much she knows!
  20. pmoore4321

    Harbor frieght is selling Doodle bugs now

    I would pay $199 in a heartbeat. The Doodlebugs are well built.