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  1. Austin T

    Yard Sale Find - K&S Hornet

    Wow, that was a quick save, nice one! and for only $25!!
  2. Bronc VT-8 At Gravel Pit 2

    Bronc VT-8 At Gravel Pit 2

  3. Super Bronc VT-8 At the Gravel Pit

    Super Bronc VT-8 At the Gravel Pit

  4. Bronc1


  5. Austin T

    need help with super bronc build

    That notch in the frame on the right side was for the exhaust output on certain models that had a canister muffler that bolted to the rear fender and outputted through a flexible tube that went through that notch. I'll take the bronc out and snap a few pics for you if i remember.
  6. Austin T

    need help with super bronc build

    If you still need any pics of the original Bronc TC, i can go out and take some for ya. I Don't have my rear drum brake on it at the moment, but everything else is there.
  7. Austin T

    I designed a basic OldMiniBikes T-shirt

    Sorry, but the best mini in the world is DEFINATELY not gonna be one from China...thats like saying the best Muscle car in the world is a Toyota Camry. (even though Toyota is Japanese)
  8. Austin T

    3hp carb not tank mounted?

    they also have updraft carbs for 3 horses, i got a few myself
  9. Austin T

    Any One Know?

    Engine looks like a 5HP Tecumseh H50, good, powerful motor.
  10. Austin T

    Show me your small minibikes...with context

    Cmon wheres a Pic of a lil Petro! i know someone around here is going to post one on here soon :biggrin:
  11. Austin T


    erm....he didn't mention anything even relating to a stripped out hole....hes asking where he can get wheels re-chromed lol!
  12. Austin T

    chain saw engine

    My dad has that same Wright reciprocating saw as in that pic...i already thought about putting that engine on one of my minis lol
  13. Austin T

    Chopped up my other Baja

    Grab a couple of shocks and make it a springed seat! would look pretty cool on that! I say the seat should be long enough to be even with the rear axle. Shouldnt be too hard to make too!
  14. Austin T

    Double Vision

    You shoulda linked the 2 exhaust pipes into one, would make it sound epic ;)
  15. Austin T

    anybody notice?

    that just stupid and childish...even if they are a store that sells cheap Chinese stuff, doesn't mean you have to shit all over them by doing that crap! that just disgusts me... have some morals! put yourself in their situation!
  16. Austin T

    Green frame what is it?

    Restore kid, just to clairify, the 10XXXXXXX in the model number is the CID not CC ;)
  17. Austin T

    Newbie check in!!!

    Nice seat! lol! looks like silver spandex xD
  18. Austin T

    mini bike seats

    This should be obvious, if you got the money, Ask Kenny!
  19. Austin T


    Anything but Hillard Clutches. I prefer Max torque, they take a HELL of a lot abuse
  20. Austin T

    Tillison carb on a Tecumseh?

    that engine is definately not off of a rototiller...thats off of a snowblower, and it originally had a box around the carb and muffler.