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    Baja Minibike $225 So Cal 92553

    Baja Minibike in very good condition. Strong smooth running 5.5 hp Jiangdong (clone) This bike has very low usage. Original tires are like new, it has been sitting. I cleaned it up, went thru the carb and tank, new throttle. Its good to go. The bike can easily be modded to the perfect Drag...
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    Spun Aluminum tank

    any petcock for the fuel?? trades acceptable? 323.702.2120
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    Band brake drum/hub (92553 zip) or trade

    323.702.2120 / I do not have the spacer, or band, only the hub. 3 hole, fits Azusa wheel, etc. will sell $15 ... good condition or trade for Hub like this with the flange, to mount 6 hole sprockets to. Need one of those (in last pic with blue frame) or a...
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    Roller {so CA 92553 Riverside} fabricators special

    finally willing to sell my unfinished "Rx7 bike" $150 (Riverside county, so Cal 92553) 323.702.2120 / it needs: the engine plate and seat mount/strips welded in, also a triple clamp (for fork/handlebars... that was removed but I cant ID what mini or trail bike it...
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    Comment by 'KoolLee' in media 'DSCF6054'

    Lemme guess.. You put this here find out which Taco model it is right ? if so, i cant tell u but I wtd. to make sure u at least knew it is a Taco (im sure u knew...
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    Comment by 'KoolLee' in media 'what is this please !'

    Azusa Tristar wheel. fairly expensive rim. Aluminum and will most likely polish up real nice
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    Comment by 'KoolLee' in media 'Daughter brought this home, can anyone identify it?'

    Speedway (Scorpion, Scrambler or Shrike. Man, this is the second time I see a Speedway and u people happen to not know what Good of a minibike u have : ) Excellent! Lucky folks
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    Comment by 'KoolLee' in media 'minibike1_001'

    Man... U dont even know what u have! My friend, that is a Speedway Stinger : ) Very nice bike. Wish I had one. (if u reply, please fwd msg to my email
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    Project, or parts bike. Riverside, CA 92553

    Must sell my minibike project, my loss. Must sell all, no part-out. 6.5 clone engine, Azusa tri-star wheels (6" rear, 5" front) 54tooth, 2piece sprocket, new drum brake set up. Clutch, chain, throttle, kill switch $175 Local pickup is more convenient. (323)632-4731 If interested...
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    Minibike project (needs finishing) Moreno valley, CA 92553

    Minibike project that i didnt get to finish, must sell Asking $200 obo Has alot of goodies on it. Azusa rims (front 5", rear 6") New 54tooth sprocket, new drum brake setup. Front tire I bought was a lil taller than expected Engine is a 6.5 Honda clone, runs great (missing recoil, Ive...
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    Roller project 100 obo (Moreno valley, CA 92553)

    Selling my roller (frame, wheels) Asking $100 or best offer (negotiable) Needs the engine plate and seat brackets welded in, a top triple tree (made or replaced) as well as the rest of the mechanical parts. Has front shocks that work well. The wheels have disc rotors. Wheels are from a...
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    Comment by 'KoolLee' in media 'azusa build tank'

    ? why such a big tank ??
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    4hp Honda GX110 fixer or parts engine. Southern CA 92553

    $10 for this engine block. Honda GX110 (4hp, i think) with 3/4" crank shaft/pto I got this engine like this. It may run with the parts put back on it, not sure tho Missing: Carb, air filter, ignition coil, spark plug, starter recoil Riverside county (Moreno valley) CA 92553 Local pickup...
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    Minibike Roller and engine. So Cal 92553 Riverside

    Frame, wheels, engine, engine plate (not in yet) Has front, rear shocks. Front disc brakes are working, rear needs the caliper mounted. Caliper included.. may include a few more parts also. Engine is a 6hp Mitsubishi GT600. Hemi combustion chamber (Hemi head) It runs great, 3/4"...
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    Tecumseh Carb, parts carb (OHV) Riverside, CA 92553

    Carb from a newer OHV Tecumseh engine. Not sure if 5, 6, or 6.5 hp. It recently was given to me but I didnt need it. Its missing the upper half of the intake, and air cleaner. It is kinda dirty outside. It may work but I cant gaurantee. It may need a solvent cleaning, and blow...
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    Comment by 'KoolLee' in media '08'

    i like that.. coulda been a little neater but i really do like it. what is it? any more pics of it?
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    Comment by 'KoolLee' in media 'trike_completed_5_'

    is that original condition? or restored? and if restored.. where do u get those cat decals??? jus curious... i had a cat slingshot back in the day : )
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    Minibike project, most parts. So Cal 92553

    Must sell my minibike project. Hate to... but must sell Asking $180 Needs handlebars, 2 cables, seat, and assembly. Geared for speed. Stock 6.5hp engine (great cond) 12T clutch, chain, new 54 tooth 2 piece sprocket, new drum brakes. Offset/Staggered Azusa tri spoke rims 6" rear, 5"...
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    Forks. Heavy Duty. New old, unused. Riverside, CA. Will ship

    Heavy duty, un-used new old stock forks 1-1/4" steel tubing. Can bolt on a double neck set up for your handle bars, or I can weld on or fabricate the bars for little extra. Measures: 22-7/8" top to bottom, 8.5" between triple trees (for up to 8.5" tall neck. Can install a short spring...
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    Sprocket. 60t #35. Riverside, CA. Will ship

    This is an old sprocket, in nice condition. The center hole/bore is 1-1/2" asking $15 Shipping Ok. Check, Money order or PayPal Ok call for faster response. try me on both numbers Lee (951)780-7276 / (323)632-4731