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  1. DBMonster85

    Predator 212 Hemi: How much lift until Block Clearancing?

    I kind of agree but I had a black mamba that was grazing the top of the block and I didn't know it. nothing bad happened thank god but there was witness marks on both block and rod so just keep a eye out it didn't hit when I rotated the crank but when the motor ran it did. very easy to grind for...
  2. DBMonster85

    Drag bike done

    you can see the bully a little in that pic
  3. DBMonster85

    Drag bike done

    I'm running a 3 disk bully stall at 5900. gearing is 14 and 70. I was going to use like 12 and 66 but I lost my 12 need another one.
  4. DBMonster85

    Drag bike done

    thanks. and I am scared to ride it. lol I refused to use wheelie bars because on top of having a very light set up (bike) and I only weigh 165 the motor on alky should make close to 22 to 23hp I'm trying to get some of these fast guys under my belt at the local track. they have bigger builds but...
  5. DBMonster85

    Drag bike done

    thanks I appreciate it. inside consist of stock Honda crank its a 2.815 bore weisco piston isky 310 cam the head is welded obviously but the piston was out the hole like 17 thousands. honestly off the top of my head I cant remember the compression id have to look back at my build sheet. we did...
  6. DBMonster85

    Drag bike done

    yea I'm not a big fan of all this alky stuff so far. but I wanted to give the motor the best chance so I'm trying it. cant say I like all the work to goo with it. I can see my self going back to gas after this. but who knows by the end of the season it could be like second nature to drain the...
  7. DBMonster85

    Drag bike done

    thanks. its new to me I have never ran alky before but the motor head and carb were based around it so that's what I went with. I was going to run the u4.4 race gas. that's also VP. its actually only 103 octane but way better then turbo blue (110). I have a pic of the can if you want to see that...
  8. DBMonster85

    turbo drag bike

    I think a company called Ecotron has a EFI and turbo setup for small engines. I could be wrong about the company name but maybe do a google search for it. iknow its expensive as hell but what isn't. lol
  9. DBMonster85

    custom Rupp "DEMON" project finished

    you do some crazy nice bikes bud. amazing I have a 1970 roadster sitting in my shop just dreaming of getting it to that point but I race minis to so budget get eatin up quick. great bike. hope to see more
  10. DBMonster85

    Drag bike done

    Flywheel I had in one of the pics I didn't use wich was the ARC ultra light. I ended up getting the plv briggs ignition and adjustable ARC flywheel. This motor runs on VP M3
  11. DBMonster85

    Drag bike done

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  16. DBMonster85

    Drag bike done

    Just thought I'd share this year's build in a short story. I know I like to see other drag builds. Mine is more mild obviously because it's just a stockish D.B. but next year will be chassis stuff and or new frame. Spent all my doe on the motor. Lol
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