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  1. Bama Jama

    Murray track 2 build

    Nice Murray.I think I will try to find another one.They fit me or I fit them better than the DB.I'm sure it will take a road trip to get one.
  2. Bama Jama

    Kohler K241 apart

    Gone to a new home.
  3. Bama Jama

    Kohler K241 apart

    I have a Kohler K241 electric start disassembled in boxes free to a good home in Montgomery,Al.I will not ship it.Pick up only.It has the flat pan so it could be used on a kart or minibike.It was on a JD garden tractor that sat for many years.It had no water or rust in it.Shoot me a pm if you...
  4. Bama Jama

    Front suspension

    I think Camjamsdad means Moto Vox forks.Show us the rest thirdeye.LOL
  5. Bama Jama

    Opinions on my db raptor

    I like it.Good color and the seat looks good.
  6. Bama Jama

    Front suspension

    LOL! Had me thinking. .
  7. Bama Jama

    Front suspension

    The Motovox forks transforms the DB with a Predator into more controlable bike.I like mine.
  8. DCP_1639


  9. DCP_1635


  10. DCP_1638


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  12. DCP_1634


  13. DCP_16111


  14. Bama Jama

    Header size?

    Mine is 1" and does fine.
  15. Bama Jama

    Predator 212 hemi thoughts?

    I like mine.I've had both and I will buy another Hemi.
  16. Bama Jama

    Another Doodle Bug Score

  17. Bama Jama

    Another Doodle Bug Score

    We could have all wet out on the boat.:laugh:
  18. Bama Jama

    Another Doodle Bug Score

    I could have met you someplace and we could have got a coke and talked mini bikes.I live about a mile off I85.
  19. Bama Jama

    Another Doodle Bug Score

  20. Bama Jama

    DB build

    :thumbsup:Looks good.Red goes good with the gunmetal.