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  1. thejoker

    JcPenney Duster Clutch Decal photo?

    Dont have any.
  2. thejoker

    ~** Original Black Paint 70'-74' Tecumseh H30's and 35's **~

    Easy grammar nazi before I lock you in a pickle jar.
  3. thejoker

    Modded Forks

    Capguncowboy I'm taking your welder away
  4. thejoker

    1970 cat 400x

    If you still need a original guard PM me
  5. thejoker

    Gilson Two Speed Survivor

    How about 500?
  6. thejoker

    Healthkit boonies for sale.

    It's still for sale
  7. thejoker

    Healthkit boonies for sale.

    $1200 must pick up. PM me
  8. thejoker

    Heald vt10 motor

    I have a nos one I just put on my bike a few months ago. PM me.
  9. thejoker

    Looking for wildcat minibike

    I have parts. PM me.
  10. thejoker

    Wanted Cat Endura 4005.

    I have one. PM me.
  11. thejoker

    Cat dominator

    I have a tank. And the brake.
  12. thejoker

    Comet 2 speed part

    I have a complete nos 2 speed clutch and jackshaft.
  13. thejoker

    In need of some Cat parts.

    I have everything accepted the slingshot sissybar.
  14. thejoker

    Cat Endura garage sale buy

    Just started messing with this thing again.
  15. thejoker

    Wanted Cat Dominator or ELIMINATOR

    I have a few eliminators
  16. thejoker

    ~** NOS Cat Eliminator/Dominator Sissy Bar L@@K **~

    That's it I'm going to poop in your mail box