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  1. Ruppster81

    WTB: Fox Fork Tubes

    I know this is a long shot but does anybody have a set of good working fork tubes for 16" wheeled Fox bike? No springers.
  2. Ruppster81

    Flat head Tecumseh air filter cover

    I have a few, Do you need just the cover or the backplate as well? $10 shipped for a cover and I'll beadblast it for you too so its ready for paint. Let me know.
  3. Ruppster81

    Yes it is still available. I will e-mail you the details.

    Yes it is still available. I will e-mail you the details.
  4. Ruppster81

    WTB: NOS Tecumseh #34332 HM80 Piston Ring Set STD

    Im looking for a new OEM set of STD piston rings for a Tecumseh HM80 part# 34332. Please PM if there are any leads
  5. Ruppster81


    If you have some REALLY deep pockets there is this guy selling 4 NOS UA19S Dellorto carbs. *note that they have the wrong bowls for rupp use* NOS Dell'orto ua 19s Carburetor : eBay Motors (item 190335826086 end time Apr-15-10 09:31:30 PDT) The parts you may be looking for I would bet...
  6. Ruppster81

    Got My Job Back

    Thanks! I still work for the same company but in a different building. They never laid anybody off in that facility since it opened, so I do have "alittle" job security. If it held through this recession I think it'll be ok. I just gotta get used to working again, on top of that we are...
  7. Ruppster81

    Got My Job Back

    Thanks! I can see the economy is turning around... slowly and seems to kinda bounce around, but I hope for anybody still job hunting they find something. I feel really lucky at this point.
  8. Ruppster81

    Who plays Guitar here

    I still play guitar quite a bit. I have a 1968 Gibson SG standard and a cheaper Epiphone G-400 SG vintage worn brown that has been modified with a 57' classic humbucker and a angus young sig humbucker and bumblebee cap's hand rewired. My everyday amp is a Marshall MG50DFX and a 70's JTM45 full...
  9. Ruppster81

    Got My Job Back

    I got a call last week by my last employer and I got my old job back. I just started my first day today! :thumbsup: Now I can quit selling all my crap lol... nah the crap has gotta go. I'm happy to be back in the grind again. Now I can enjoy the holidays alittle, and hope others will too. Happy...
  10. Ruppster81

    Any body like.......

    I liked that song "bang your head" but playing guitar hero on the PS2 for awhile ruined that lol
  11. Ruppster81

    My public apology

    Wayne is a SUPER guy! He gave me a speedo driver awhile back for free and shipping was at his expense, and I offered to pay for it. Not many guys like wayne left. He ALWAYS has something good to say :smile: I've been to alot of forum's both non-minibike and minibike related and this is about...
  12. Ruppster81

    Parts wanted

    Randy, Got a really nice diaphram carb here that I won't be needing. I used it last summer on my H50 and it ran good, Make me an offer.
  13. Ruppster81

    New guy with Super Bronc 10 hp Tecumseh

    If you can spare a few hours work you can have a stock style exhaust like heald used. Here is a muffler I used on mine with very little work and it's even the made by the same company heald used. 10-12.5hp Nelson B&S Generac Coleman Generator Muffler - eBay (item 370278408076 end time...
  14. Ruppster81

    Rupp HS40 Ball Bearing Crank Shaft

    Sounds like the way to do it. I havent had any luck with the selling forum here as I always try to give the guys here a good deal first, but 95% of the time it winds up on ebay and selling for more :out: Not looking to make a killing.
  15. Ruppster81

    Rupp HS40 Ball Bearing Crank Shaft

    lol, Got anybody interested in yours?
  16. Ruppster81

    Rupp HS40 Ball Bearing Crank Shaft

    It's on ebay now and also including a NOS oil seal Rupp Minibike Tecumseh HS40 Ball Bearing Crank & Seal!:eBay Motors (item 190345962762 end time Nov-07-09 15:09:35 PST)
  17. Ruppster81

    Tec H50 With Dellorto Vid

    They are nice carbs, I just sold it awhile ago.
  18. Ruppster81

    Rupp HS40 Ball Bearing Crank Shaft

    I have a nice crank shaft that came from a very good running rupp HS40. It is the 3" with ball bearing. No wear and the engine ran great with no noises. $45 shipped anywhere in the lower US 48.
  19. Ruppster81

    Wanted Heald super Bronc Gas tank

    I'll try to send one tomorrow.
  20. Ruppster81


    Hent, What about the pics in the MOTM section? I noticed there are alot of bikes missing in there. Mini Bike of the Month - Old Mini Bikes Photo Gallery