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    WANTED: Lil Indian backtracker front forks! (J.C. Penny Terra Torque) models too!

    Hi, I have a Lil Indian big wheeled Backtracker model mini bike frame with clutch cover,fenders,wheels,etc... Also known as Terra Torque all terrain vehicles sold by J.C. Penny's! I do not have the front forks for it. Good shape big wheeled mini bike frame plus. Any help would be appreciated! I...
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    Powell parts needed! OR Made?

    Hi all, I am in need of a powell throttle cable with the throttle gear drive piece! If I remember correctly there is a member that made them? Any one have a Phantom chain guard, and front, or rear fenders? Thanks Powell brothers! (might have other parts to trade/barter?)
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    Heathkit Hilltopper part needed made, mold, copy?

    Hi That would be great! I would appreciate that! Thank u!
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    Heathkit Hilltopper part needed made, mold, copy?

    Hi, Thank u. If u can give me the measurements of the chain cover, that would b great! Thanks 4 your help!
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    Heathkit Hilltopper part needed made, mold, copy?

    Hi, I need the right side chain guard of the Heathkit Hilltopper part made? measurements? cardboard copy? (wood?) cut out for mold to be made? fiberglass mold? Any help would be great! I can compensate you for any help. Thanks, minibike Dad
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    Heathkit Hilltopper parts needed:

    Hi, I am in need of; foot pegs, kick stand, right side triangle chain guard cover, head light, tail light, front tire. If you have any of these parts and are willing to sell them. Please contact me. Thanks, Bill
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    Stolen Minibikes from Rochester ny.

    Hi Hreagle, I'm in Gates,N.Y. and will keep my eyes open. I know few other mini bike guys around here that I can spread word about your loss. Hope u get them back!
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    Bonanza parts needed/WTB

    Up date! Got handle bars! Thanks OldMiniBikes members!
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    Bonanza parts needed/WTB

    Hi, I am looking 4 a rear fender 4 a Bonanza mx1410,mx1510/no mount needed. Can be metal or fiberglass? Also need 2 sets of foot pegs. Need handle bars too. Does anybody have the rear tail light bracket/metal pan mount(under seat)? Prices? Any and all help will be appreciated and remembered...
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    New member Upstate NY

    nice bike 2 restore! Hi Bernie, Welcome to the minibike forum! I have a rear fender in good shape. Was going to put it on e-bay? U need 1? Thanks,Bill n.y. brother too!
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    Heathkit Hilltopper parts and info.

    pm sent.
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    Bonanza parts

    pm sent!
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    Northern NY Fall Minibike Fest and Swap Meet

    Very Interesting! Sounds VERY interesting! Way cool!
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    Super bronc tank / wheels

    pm sent.
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    Bonanza mx I.D. tag/vin aluminum plate needed!

    Hi All, Still need! Anybody heard of bubble decals? Anybody had a painted I.D. tag made? Thanks,Bill
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    Bonanza mx I.D. tag/vin aluminum plate needed!

    UPDATE! Contacted Dave Miller and he has none! There was a guy in Ohio that repoped them? Anybody know of him? Still looking for I.D. tag! I know of a couple guys that need them! Thanks,Bill
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    Bonanza mx I.D. tag/vin aluminum plate needed!

    Hi Ajf, Looked up Dave Miller on member list and not there? How 2 get a hold of him? Thanks 4 your help! Bill
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    Bonanza mx I.D. tag/vin aluminum plate needed!

    Hi, Yes the motor plate has the drill holes were the I.D. is mounted. Thanks,Bill
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    Bonanza mx I.D. tag/vin aluminum plate needed!

    Hi, I am looking 4 a Bonanza I.D. tag 4 a mx frame minibike that I would like to restore. Does anyone have one 4 sale or trade/barter? Thanks,Bill p.s. Anyone repop them?
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    Powell Phantom original seat needed 4 Repop!

    Hi All, I am looking 4 a Powell phantom original seat(8-1/2 in. x18 in.) that Karen (manchester1 seats) can repop! I will pay u 4 your seat shipping to and from and any other fee's required to borrow your seat for the purpose of repoping 1 for me. Karen will take care of your seat and no harm...