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  1. josh

    Crazy FAST!!

    nope i had a 2003 vrod it was vary fast motor was mad by porsche,i loved to smoke sport bikes with it,with the stock susp it was unstable after 145mph had to sell it after it put me in a wheelchair for a while and could not pay the $350 a mth payment but i would love to get a nother one now...
  2. josh

    Bad Luck.

    :doah: i have seen it happen on a race car plug came out the hood:oops:
  3. josh

    The luckiest man on the Planet

    i think so :asshole::shit:
  4. GEDC1056


  5. GEDC1055


  6. josh

    best way?

    i have the same one what does it do,not run at all or....
  7. josh

    trim fan

    can it be done on this motor?
  8. josh

    trim fan

    :doah:ok mine is steal its on a tec ohv 5h
  9. josh

    trim fan

    is this part of the pull start assm. and vary small like 1 in flat blades?
  10. josh

    trim fan

    thanks,did the motor get hot at all after?
  11. josh

    Mini bike - $50

    o nvm lol:doah:
  12. josh

    Mini bike - $50

    were is that?
  13. josh

    trim fan

    anyone ever try this i just seen it on affordablegokarts web site and thay say to try gapping plug at .045REDUCE DRAG: Behind the recoil starter is a plastic fan that helps cool the engine. Cutting every other blade off of this fan will reduce drag and help free up some power. This task can...
  14. josh

    new mini

    i do like the bike but a few of the other guys were telling me that it was not the best frame for speed because the way the rear tire is tucked under, it does flip easy as far as he motor i just want to go a lot faster all i have done to it is remove the gov,bigger jet,i did make a pipe for it...
  15. josh

    Chain problems

    make sure its on tight it can be bad if the chain comes off at high speed or it can come off and brake somthing:hammer:
  16. josh

    Chain problems

    do you need to know how to fix it or how to keep it from popping off again?:thumbsup:
  17. josh

    new mini

    i am thinking about selling my mini and getting a diff frame thats better for speed what do you think a good price for me to ask is for my bike it has a 5h tec on it
  18. josh

    here it is my almost finished ruttman

    looks vary nice:clap::freakout:
  19. josh

    Bonanaza BC1000 gx340 powered

    i like the bike peg's look good:drool:
  20. josh

    clutch brake

    yep its the sears type:doah:but if i get a clutch type it will just be a backup