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    Name that Frame

    Cat 250
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    What kind of mini do I have?

    manco puddle jumper
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    What is this bike

    Golden pinto
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    CL find for $30...What is it?

    Bird wren
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    What Is It? Blue Bike Frame

    sears drover
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    What is it ... Go kart question

    Darts where made by rupp
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    What model Cat is this?

    Cat slingshoI think...and wheels are correct
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    Local classified find

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    Lil Indian brake caliper

    Pm sent
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    help identify this gas tank

    toyoco alpha 350
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    What are they ? (wheels I know)

    hands wheels
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    Does anyone else need a intervention?

    I'm about an hour from n.c. and ill never get all of the restored but its a lot of fun collecting them
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    Does anyone else need a intervention?

    Yea I'm still here still accumulating more and more to the sickness just bought a rupp roadster yesterday
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    Does anyone else need a intervention?

    my wife says I have a problem but I don't think so its only 90 mini bikes
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    Sensation Go-Devil

    I have a all original go devil I can look at if you need to know any thing else about them the engine on mine is a hs40 with diaphragm carb just let me know if you need me to look at any thing on it
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    What is it?

    Looks like a fox
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    these were on a sensation chopper if that helps they may be cart wheels .I just didn't know if they may have come on the chopper
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    Sensation sprocket and spacers

    I'm looking for a sensation stroker and spacers and a sensation chopper seat thanks eddie