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  1. offroadwhatever8

    can it handle it?

    I just got one of these. Looking to upgrade from the 5 hp briggs. Im on my 3rd 5hp briggs on the same bike with in 2 years. I just want to know can this motor handle higher rpms good? Im worried about throwin a rod at about 5,000 rpm Its a tehcumseh 5.5 hp
  2. offroadwhatever8

    Cat Rebuild

    I finally got to bringing my cat back to life. Its been sitting for awhile. More then a year. I got a brand new rear sprocket (70 tooth), new clutch, new chain, new rear tire, and new tube that still have to be put on but I got them already to go. This use to have a 3hp briggs but that thing got...
  3. offroadwhatever8

    Jesse try this at home....

    Hey what kind of bike is that? Taco?
  4. offroadwhatever8

    My new gocart vid- Manco Baja 200

    Guess you listen to Rap? :out::repuke::hang: The only good music in this world is Rock. and queen fits into that category. :thefinger: GTO just you can buy some 1" tubing or some 7/8" and build your own frame from there. BMI Karts and Supplies - Home they have cheap axles, spindles...
  5. offroadwhatever8

    bonehead back on ebay

    lol i should call his number. and i'll make fun of him haha
  6. offroadwhatever8

    wheres da rope?

    Did you run it with no oil?
  7. offroadwhatever8

    looking for welder

    Go with gas. I got a flux core 220V mig and i just hate the damn thing. Flux core just sucks. Compared to having gas anyways. Do you got a 220V source in your shop? Id go with a Lincoln. They seem perfect for home projects.
  8. offroadwhatever8

    Need info - JC Penny's Mini...

    Not to go off topic but the King of Prussia shopping center is 20 min alway from me
  9. offroadwhatever8

    4" rear rim

    I bought 2 wheels idenicle to the ones harbor freight sell's. Is there any sprockets i can buy that will just bolt right up to the hubs on these? I know ill have to add longer bolts and spacers. But what I'm asking is, is there any sprockets with the same bolt pattern as the hub on one of these...
  10. offroadwhatever8

    suspension or no suspension

    Just wondering, Where did you get the sprocket for the rear wheel? how many tooth? thanks
  11. offroadwhatever8

    What is this?

    I suppose you are using a shorty type spark plug? Whats the make and modle#? Actully right now im in the process of trying to sqeeze a 5hp in. damn spark plug and air filter are giving me issues.
  12. offroadwhatever8

    jimh - Road Trip?

    man i want that CAT.
  13. offroadwhatever8

    What is this?

    Yep I got the same one. I love it. Dought a 5.5 honda will fit. A 5hp flat head briggs JUST fits. Serisly, you have to grind some of the frame off just for the spark plug to clear. lol my forks are bent too. but not that bad! :hack:
  14. offroadwhatever8

    registering mini bikes

    Personaly, I know if i was givin the opportunity with granted permission to ride mini bikes on the street, I could do it. But it's not so much of me. Because you know sooner or later a bunch of stupid ass kids will take advantage and start riding there POS slow ass pocket bikes every where and...
  15. offroadwhatever8

    My racer

    eBay - New & used electronics, cars, apparel, collectibles, sporting goods & more at low prices Item number: 320301448974 :thumbsup: sounds good man. Look forward to meeting ya one day. If theres any thing you need or help with let me know. John
  16. offroadwhatever8

    I would kill for a mini like this

    That is awsome! love smaller bikes.
  17. offroadwhatever8

    Post a Pic of Yourself

    Me standing next to my pride and my joy.
  18. offroadwhatever8

    injuntom, pictures of 2 stroke engine

    I dont know. See this bike is my buddy's. I found it on craigslist last week was going to buy it, but then told my buddy about it and he bought it becuase i figured i should just move on. Ill talk to him about it, Im sure he'll part with it cheap. Ill let you know later alright?
  19. offroadwhatever8

    how old are you?

    16 years old.
  20. offroadwhatever8

    injuntom, pictures of 2 stroke engine

    yea...Think were just going to switch out for a 3 1/2 hp briggs.