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    Rupp scrambler clutch alignment

    I put a 5 hp briggs i/c on my Rupp scrambler. I was just wondering about belt alignment and how to do it properly. If anybody has any info it would be greatly appriciated. Thanks Jeremy
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    Briggs 4 and 5 hp flat head parts

    Some one make me some offers I cant refuse!!
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    Briggs 5hp I/C cast iron dual bearing

    I have an original set of toyoko handle bars I could trade with some cash They are not perfect but they are originals Jeremy
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    5 HP crankshaft

    Bump it on up
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    Exhausts, manifolds, custom

    why do you put a 2-stroke pipe on a 4 stroke?
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    5 HP crankshaft

    .99 and some change, I dont have my good caliper at home It has never been turned down or polished Jeremy
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    5 HP crankshaft

    maybe it would just be easier with $
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    5 HP crankshaft

    what do you have?
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    5 HP crankshaft

    Here it is It has B& S stampd on it along with 18
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    Briggs 4 and 5 hp flat head parts

    Cams are all sold Make me some offers I want this stuff sold or else!
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    5 HP crankshaft

    From a plain bearing motor 3/4 by 2 and some Drilled and tapped Very good shape, taken from a running motor 30.00 plus shipping Or best offer I will get pics up tomorrow Jeremy
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    How many people also have a motorcycle.

    Just mounted the pipes and thought I would share. Jeremy
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    Used Briggs 5hp I/C Block & Piston Assembly

    I would have given you that, But I just found a complete I/c with the cast sleeve for $150
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    Briggs 5HP Dual Bearing

    thanks but I will pass I found a dual ball I/c with the cast sleeve
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    Briggs 4 and 5 hp flat head parts

    4 HP crank, in great shape, pulled from a running motor, 3/4 shaft 25.00 shipped Briggs 4-5 hp coil, works good, 15.00 shipped Briggs 5 hp cams I bought a buch of briggs engines and these were in the mix, all look good and useable, tags were on the cams I dont have a use for...
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    How many people also have a motorcycle.

    Thanks for the kind words, it means alot to a bike builder/restorer. Yes the RD line was fast, especially piped and tuned correctly. My yellow rd will smoke my buddys 84 Honda 700 Night hawk s, which is not slow. They used to call them giant killers!:thumbsup:
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    How many people also have a motorcycle.

    My 78 DT400 Enduro, piped jetted, bigger carb/intake 1 of my 1975 Yamaha RD's the stock one My 1973 Yamaha LT2 Enduro, bassani piped/jetted My not stock 1975 Yamaha RD250/ (350conversion) My 1977 Yamaha RD 400 not finished yet I also have an '00 Honda elite moped with...
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    5 hp briggs I/C dual bearing block,sidecover

    All I can really say is WOW!
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    WANTED Briggs 5 hp

    I CALL DIBBS ON 5 horse fans engine!!