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  1. OldMinibiker

    Predator 212cc Parts

    Thanks Pit.I'll talk with Dad and see exactly what is needed. Tim
  2. OldMinibiker

    Predator 212cc Parts

    Was curious does anyone carry stock Predator parts? My Dad needs an air filter cover and something else(clip? forgot) having to do with the air filter cover.An exhaust pipe fell on it. Thanks Tim
  3. OldMinibiker

    Street Legal Dirt Bug-The Quest!

    The closest bike I have seen on the road that is legal is the Honda Monkey Z50. It sticks in my mind due to seeing large Men on such a small bike.I assume the Monkey bikes come with a title making it easier to get on the road? Had one when I was a kid,fun little things.
  4. OldMinibiker

    Predator 420 on sale.

    I dont know if this will work but I will post it in case it does and can help you out.HF 6.5 Predator on sale for 99.99 till 12/12/12. Item No.68120 Lot No.68120/69730/60363 California Only Lot No. 68121/69727 Bar Code No.53421327 _________________________________________...
  5. OldMinibiker

    Spark Plug

    I'm of the belief that a portion (50%? maybe) of newbie questions are posted due to wanting to be part of the forum.If people did a search for their questions then they wouldnt be able to mingle/communicate with others. Its also a way to get on the board and begin a conversation with like...
  6. OldMinibiker

    Predator 212cc For 99.00

    I forgot to say the 99 dollar price is good thru 12/31/11 What we need is more mini choices from retailers to throw these cheap engines in.
  7. OldMinibiker

    Predator 212cc For 99.00

    I see the Predator 212cc engines are now on sale for a paltry 99.00,At Harbor Freight.:smile: I initially found out thru an email sale.I tried to copy the ad but for some reason it gets cut off. Predator 212 cc OHV Horizontal Shaft Gas Engine - Certified for All States Except California
  8. OldMinibiker

    HF sale on engine

    I did the same,at HF's parking lot sale.Woohoo!
  9. OldMinibiker

    Break in time.....

    Its the same deal with opinions on all forums when it comes to breaking in engines,however one consistent rule Ive seen is never run your engine WOT for extended periods.Always vary your throttle. WOT= Wide Open Throttle
  10. OldMinibiker

    Predator coupon, $99 thru 10/31/11

    The 6.5.HF didnt waste any time marking the new 6.5 Predators down to 99 bux.
  11. OldMinibiker

    New Doodle bug Question

    Pretty sure you can adjust down the 6.5 engines speed,that away you can rid the ongoing problems of the inferior 2.8 and just ride and ride.This away the young-ins are steel safe and the DB is happy. Good idea?
  12. OldMinibiker

    Cleaned, repainted and ready to go

    Love the new paint Joe.Hey if you dont mind can you instruct me/us on how you got the old paint off and the metal prepped,I need to do mine. Thanks....
  13. OldMinibiker

    heads up on Lifan 6.5's

    11 Predators! Holy crap be careful around em,they are known to eat meat.Don't be their prey.:smile:
  14. OldMinibiker

    Predator coupon, $99 thru 10/31/11

    I got an email sale on the Predator for 99.00 until September 11th.Use coupon number 79004655 if ordering online.Hope this helps.
  15. OldMinibiker

    heads up on Lifan 6.5's

    But it's Honda quality plastic,he he
  16. OldMinibiker

    Doodle on the Moon

    Neck, What no timed runs on your mini captured on video? Maybe get a couple of DB's out there to run against each other,yea? Oh well maybe next time huh.
  17. OldMinibiker

    heads up on Lifan 6.5's

    Not to mention those Home Depot engines are fugly with the weird exhaust and air filter set up.Got to go along with tjs on this one. Ok looks isn't everything but.....
  18. OldMinibiker

    Where can I buy a Baja DB 30 ?

    thestigjjj, I'm curious what all mini bike brands are sold in the UK,do you by chance have a list or something? It would be cool to check out mini's on the other side of the pond. Thanks Man....
  19. OldMinibiker

    Harbor Freight Double Dipping

    Yep the Predator goes on sale Friday thru Sunday,HF's giant tent sale. See:
  20. OldMinibiker

    HF Gigantic Tent Event

    Not sure if this notice was posted or not but if not a FYI.Harbor Freight is having their 3 day (Aug. 26-28) Gigantic Tent Event,I see the Predator 212cc engine is on sale for 99.00.As well several other good deals on items. Quantities limited and no rain checks. Retail Flyer