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    My newly acquired Sears mini bike

    " chain jumping...only bicycles do that...." Well, no. Chain jumping can happen on a mini with poorly designed rear suspension, where the swing arm causes the rear axle to move along a different arc than the chain swing. Add in loose wheel bearings, and chain jumping is assured...
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    Found A Tecumseh HH60 - Need Help

    That crank is nasty - I'd polish the rust off it and clean it as well as possible before I drug the crank bearing surface over it....
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    A host of questions

    Dunno yet what my son's mini is...but it has a swingarm, and a jackshaft...which are mutually non-concentric....the chain's come off once already - we may need to just bolt in struts....
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    Looking For Clutch or Ideas ?

    Yellowhand: Really great idea!
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    Los Angeles Street Racing part#2

    ...its gonna be expensive when the Judge takes the car...
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    Something I found interesting: "....if you have reasonable skills and some patience, you can attain any level of quality you like. There are a couple of tricks to this that I discovered years ago when I started racing. Race bikes get crashed a lot and not wanting to waste a bunch of money on...
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    What is your profession?

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    More Rpm!!!!!

    In context his question is rediculous, because on another thread he asked, "what are valve springs?" Dude - you need to go to the library and get a couple of basic books on gasoline engines and study up on 4 stroke engines....this isn't your local government school with social promotion...
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    Please Help

    I reuse (good) head gaskets on little flatheads all the time...
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    Mini bike frame stolen, dang it!!!!

    Here's hoping that you get to beat the perps like dawgs...
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    lil bling for the ruttman

    Niiice mini. Is Ruttman the only company that the frame upper tubes protruded forward of the head tube? My son's mini is like that - except that it has a swingarm and slider forks...
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    gx 340

    Well, OK. What do you call the necessary shaft between the engine and the rear sprocket, then?
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    Jumping a minibike?

    Now you know who doesn't get to ride your minis....
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    Picked up the El Burro

    I'd like to see the inside of that 2-speed transmission / one way bearing gadget if you ever take it apart...
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    Have a question about Heathkit Boonie brake

    ...not gonna be adjusting the chain via the rear axle with that setup. ...but that aside, I often look at some details on old minis and ask myself, "what WERE they thinking?"
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    Replacement carbs

    OK, dunno why I didn't say this, but part of my criteria was also that the carb not have an attached gas tank...thinking of a tiny Amal here or something...
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    Replacement carbs

    OK...this is not about racing or max power, but more about rideability, carb "flexibility" or ability to change engine speeds..and messing about with mechanical stuff... What sort (if any) of (hopefully lobuck) carb options exist for adaptation to a 3 hp Briggs...or 5 hp Tecumseh, 'er whatever?
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    And then there were NINE

    NICE info! What happened to pg 64, tho? its right in the middle of the 2 spd transmission section...
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    Manual Clutch... rototillers are Troy Builts, 6 hp Tecumsehs with dual belts...and the belts scream some times when I hit a tree root...
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    Manual Clutch...

    Yes, a manually controlled belt would be a clutch, and quite a few of the older DIY mini plans had such a setup. I don't know how good belt life is under rough useage about burning rubber... I was thinking more in terms of a disc clutch similar to a car clutch, due to it's...