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  1. neo71665

    Reverse transmisson install and front end redo on a Yerf Dog go kart

    Been done a bunch, go over to and ask around.
  2. neo71665

    The Original Bullitt Mustang

    Any other mustang, blah, but that car is cool just because.
  3. neo71665

    Who is Don Metteauer

    Wow kiddo, took ya 2 months? Wish I could take back crap I said 2 months ago.
  4. neo71665

    WTB Gilson/Wards clutch cover

    They are becoming unicorn horns, been looking for an affordable one for 2 years now.
  5. neo71665

    Maybe I’m a little crazy: tracks

    Suprised Jeep hasn't chimed in yet. Check out his other videos. If it could be thought of I'm pretty sure he has tried it.
  6. neo71665


    Yeah ebay or even amazon for the factory style replacement carbs. They are so cheap I don't even bother rebuilding mine anymore and just get a new one. If you don't mind the wait and want super cheap buy one shipped from china. You don't want to wait you can pay the middle man and order one from...
  7. neo71665

    Mini bike sidecar

    I kinda like it too.
  8. neo71665

    Best foam for seat?

    If you like something a bit different I've used skateboard decks as the base before. Leaves a nice lil kick up in the rear. Might not be fitting for somebody that wants a totally vintage look.
  9. neo71665

    reversing clone motors

    I've seen old tillers with the reverse ran like that. You want to see some interesting belt routing go look under an old cub cadet lawn mower that is shaft driven.
  10. neo71665

    We have been storing this unidentified engine for over 30 years in our barn.

    Every time I crank up my ford tractor:thumbsup:
  11. neo71665


    Change to a gas carb and depending on how well the swap was done you might need to retard the timing.
  12. neo71665


    I follow them and Redbeard. If nothing else it's good to see what new parts are out and see them installed. I'm not gonna lie, if I was being given parts like they are me and my buds would do crazy crap too. I know go powersports is working on a TC that will stand up to a 670 and Greg from...
  13. neo71665

    Best foam for seat?

    I do mine in layers. How thick depends on how tall you want the seat. I normally start with a base of the anti fatigue mat you get at harbor freight, One or 2 layers of it depending on the target thickness and desired...
  14. neo71665

    5hp Briggs with TC, any fit issues?

    If memory serves me correctly (and it often fails) for us southern boys that don't know what this snow you speak of it also is used to power the reverse on some tillers. Seeming to remember the cam turns reverse of the crank snout.
  15. neo71665

    GY6 150 NCY Valve Springs

    Depends on the target RPM. The stiffer springs are really to help against valve float at higher RPMs. You don't plan on running it balls to the wall then you don't have to have them. I have an A12 sitting on my self with the valve springs when I rebuild my son's buggy. Of course we run it wide...
  16. neo71665

    is this safe?

    We have a problem with dirt daubers around here so I use aquarium stone bubble stones on the end of any open hoses.
  17. neo71665

    Honda Clone Gy6 Engine

    Yeah you do have the CH engines which were a 125cc, you also have the CN engines which are liquid cooled and 200 or 250cc. Not really sure on the CN as I aint played with them. Anyways they all share some design, the GY and CH are closer to brother and sister while the CN is a cousin. You...
  18. neo71665

    Quality Battery Cables

    He he I'm mr overkill, I have 1/0 on everything I change the cables on. A few years ago the place I was doing some work for was forced to replace their welding leads so I got 160 feet (4 40 foot cables)of the stuff for free. It has a few nicks in the insulation but nothing that can't be worked...
  19. neo71665

    Anyone use ABS sheets for fabbing ?

    I've never tried any solvents so I'm no help there. Dzus are great but costly. Honestly right now on my buggy I'm using zip ties, lol. Cheap and they don't vibrate loose. They aint gonna win anything in the looks dept at a show but they hold and are cheap.
  20. neo71665

    Quality Battery Cables

    Mine was my grandpa's tractor. It was gone over and a working resto when I was a teen. All the seals and wear items that need to be replaced was and we painted it up nice. Dad's was a buddy's of our that had started to fix it up but got in over his head. A hodge podge of mix matched parts. We...