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    i use Pauls Chroming out of Pittsburg. Fair prices and good turnaround times.
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    Manco Trailcat Front Fender

    i need those stickers!
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    Rust-Oleum paint jobs

    i sand blast then have a friend auto paint them, very durable and chemical resistant.
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    hemi head rework

    loving the work, DIY FTW!
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    what do you guys do about snitchy neighbors?

    i had that for a breif time, they complained about many other things as well along with vehicle parking alongside the street where it was allowed, locations of flowers my gf had planted along the property, even tree branches that overhung their property line. They complained about my mini a few...
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    why do people shave the pto shaft?

    i did this to a new Honda GC engine, local small engine shop was blowing out their "new old stock" generator GC190s for $120, i just pulled the crank and took it to the machinist and had him turn it down and broach a keyway, cost me all of $25 to get done...
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    Need advice on Torque Converter (CT200U-EX)

    i just slotted the holes and mounted mine like stock on my coleman...
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    Murray Parts

    i got the foot pegs thank you! great seller!
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    Murray Parts

    i need those pegs
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    black mamba cam

    do yourself a favor and just got for the 37 lb springs. i bought a race head loaded with 28lb springs an ended up floating them and junking a race head. Later talked to the vendor for a replacment head and he said they have had a few issues like that and no all the heads they order have 37lb...
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    Anybody interested in custom intake manifolds

    i would love to see a manifold for the GC engines! Id buy at least 2.
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    Luggage Rack for CT200U?

    get on the FB group, 90% of the tom , dick, and harrys remove them there......................
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    Exhaust pipe option for minibike

    Mine came from Robertson Torque i then had it ceramic coated, added the RLV damper, welded a nut to the bottom then attached the polished aluminum strut to the bottom for support.
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    Engine paint

    I used powdercoat for its chemical resistance. You could also use an activated base/clear to achieve the same results. I wanted something i didnt have to worry about being removed by spilled chemicals.
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    Clutch band brakes

    I use this setup, the idler sprocket sort of "locks" the chain on. I love clutch brakes, braking force is amplified by the drive ratio. I can drag tire at 25 MPH.
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    OldMiniBikes Warehouse Torque Converter + Stage 1 on CT200U

    Looks good with street tires on it.
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    New clutch cover for mini bike -go kart with ruttman decal.FITS brake band brakes.

    this is cool, im starting to see a few clear things made, ive found valve covers as well.
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    Chain Tensioner

    This is the design i use, worded so well i used it on my 72 trail cat. Idler remains static to the engine. Will compensats for small amounts of misalignment, and will somewhat lock the chain on. This design has been in service for going on 5 years, and operated upwards of 9k rpm and 70 mph.