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    Anybody in California central coast

    what city or town?
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    Bonanza BC 1300 with lights

    Here's a good example of that same bike but a little bit older. I think the best part of it is the kill switch.
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    Old bonanza

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    Vintage West Bend 580 engine

    very nice. the older the better.
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    1972 Tecumseh HS40 slanted

    Very nice build. you do great work.
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    Happy Birthday Evil Ed

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    Another MX project….

    curious about the shocks... I've got an mx with same shocks but didn't think they were original to the bike. great find, you should go buy a lottery ticket.
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    Happy Birthday Manchester1

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    Bonanza Gas Tank Find

    Talk about needle in a hay stack. My brother is at a Good Guys Car Show in Pleasanton, CA and spots this tank in the swap meet section of the show. The guy selling it said he thought he was asking a fair price. My brother paid him the fair price and walked off.
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    bonanza frame variations

    There are lots of variations. I even refer to big frames and small frames. The engine plates even vary in width.
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    Taco Score

    congrats, lots to work on there.
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    1969 cat 250x finished

    Cool bike, nice job.
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    Featherweight West Bend 580 engine

    Very cool, the exhaust is awesome. There are plenty of people on this site that know about this engine.
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    Trail horse gto 1400

    Did you re-chrome or just clean fenders, shocks, & pipe? Bike looks great.
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    General Minibike restoration questions. Bonanza specifically.

    really depends on how light hits this paint but i think it's close
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    BONANZA BC1300

    that is a nice bike. is that kick stand original to that?
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    Lil Indian Econo Build..... kinda long

    Very nice... All Motor.