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    Coupons / Deals

    Read the small print. Not good for phone or online orders.
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    Car Fire.........what luck.. PICS of Carnage

    Check with Kia....Maybe there is a recall?
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    How do you negotiate a minibike buy?

    The word "Rare" is the most overused word in the dictionary. If I see an ad where the word rare is used, I take a picture of my collection and send it to them. It usually brings the price down from rare to common.
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    are all women crazy?

    After my wife and I broke up, I stayed in my parents basement for 9 months. My ex got the custom van and all our friends. I joined Parents without Partners. (PWP). Dated around a little, but kept my options open. I got real involved in t he org and met a lot of women. Most just wanted one...
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    what type if clutch is better for torque and top speed?

    Its up to us to help the younger ones along the way. I have learned a lot from thios forum and I think we should gladly pass along what we have learned.
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    The WTF picture thread

    Grandpa takes the kids to Burger Chef.
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    HEY! Where are all the fords at?

    Ok....I've heard them all First on race day Freakin old rusty dodge. Get a nail get a board, put it together you've got a ford. I always answer with Chevrolaa Chevrolett shovel it home and let it set. and "2013 shelby Mustang. We'll see.
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    Harbor Freight Predator 212cc $99 Coupon

    Print a whole pile. One coupon per motor per day. Take your friends with you.
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    Bachelor party this weekend!

    Can I bring my own barstool? Congratulations. But, Remember, Don't live it up so high that you can't live it down.
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    Mitt Romney's religion

    As a Christian Democrat, I would like to keep the middle class in this county as it is. We do not need a theology based government. We do need a govt. with morals. (Golden Rule, etc).
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    Wrecked my truck this morning

    I was getting ready to move my truck out of the driveway by drifting and popping the clutch. I thought for a second and changed my mind. I reached for the key switch and looked up to see a Plymouth Grand Fury Wagon flying across the hood. Had I not stopped and key started the truck, I would...
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    Another loss of a good guy here at OldMiniBikes!

    My thoughts and prayers to Wally's family. We've lost another friend that some had not met, yet.
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    "instagator", murray/animal

    R I P Wally. We've lost another friend some of us had not yet met. :sadcrying4:
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    First time to recover seats $4

    I went shopping with my brother in law to buy some vinyl to replace his boat seat cavers. We went to the fabric store closest to his house and he picked up enough to cover all his seats (pontoon boat) in the sale bin. I also bought a piece to cover a stool I made for shop work. I paid 4.00...
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    Goodbye Mustang, R.I.P.

    Yeah....They make great doorstops.
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    Coming soon, DRONES over america (and we pay for them)

    I am more interested in feeding hungry kids so they can get a good education and learn to talk to our neighbors instead of pissing them off. How many children could have a good meal for the price of one drone? Peace Frank
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    Throttle Controller

    Use the rivets that you can get at your local big box hardware store. I have done this dozens of times.
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    Honda clone Hoogie

    Does anyone make a hoogie that you can put on the crank of a honda clone to be able to crank it with an electric drill? I'm getting old and just don't have the oomph left to pull the cord. Thanks. Frank :scooter:
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    Bar Stool Racer Demo

    My pucker factor was about 11.5 on a scale of 10. I have also lowered the seat 4.5 inches and it feels better already. We shall see.:hack:
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    Bar Stool Racer Demo

    Frank McGrath and his barstool racer - YouTube My son taped my first run at the Carroll County 4H Ag Fair. July 31, 2011 On the second run, I fell off and broke my arm. Did not get on the stool until 12/31/11. Five months to the day. :scooter::scooter::scooter::scooter: