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    Lil Indian 4" mag wheels

    I am looking for 1 or 2 Lil Indian 4" mag wheels. Thanks for any help!
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    Looking for Parts for Fuji 53cc Go Devil carb.

    I am looking for a float and needle & seat for a Fuji Go Devil carb. Thanks for any help!
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    Clinton A400 engine mount

    Looking for an engine mount for a Clinton A400 two cycle engine. Thanks for any help. Chris
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    Clinton A 400 connecting rod

    Hello All, I am looking for a Clinton A 400 connecting rod. The part # is 2422-D. Thanks in advance! chrismh
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    Car Truck and Bike show 6-29-2019

    Car and Bike show At Pattison Sign Group at 108 Rowland ave. Heath Springs S.C. 29058. I am taking 10 mini bikes to show. 15.00 per vehicle to show, Free admission, Entertainment! Food available! Registration ends at 11:00 am Judging at 1:00pm All Proceeds to Benefit Toys For Tots! June 29, 19
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    Bonanza Chopper rear springs

    I am looking for a nice set of Bonanza Scout Chopper rear springs. Thanks!
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    Bronco TX 4 Decal

    Hello All, I am looking for a TX 4 Tank decal. Please let me know if you have one or where one can be found? Thanks.....Chrismh
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    Dart Cycle by Rupp....And others!

    I have FINALLY Got my Dart Cycle together Thanks to some help from Karen, Randy, Scott and others to include my Loving Wife Arleen!! I wanted to post some pic's of others I have done to include my hand-built 4130 chrome-molly framed, three-lung Polaris 650 Drag Bike with wheelie bars. Thanks to...
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    Dart Cycle Project

    Hi All, (or Ya'll as they say in the south) Here are some pic's of My Dart Cycle project. I hope to have the roller together this weekend. Karen just finished the seat, Looks great! I went with a 1969-70 AMC Bittersweet Orange for this bike. I am still looking for an ID tag for it? Thanks...
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    WTB Fox Sprite rear fender

    I am looking for a rear fender for a 1966 Fox Sprite. Also looking for a ID Tag for a Rupp Dart Cycle. Thanks!
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    Dart Cycle by Rupp Parts

    Hello All, I am looking for an ID tag and foot rest pads for my Dart cycle. Anyone that can help please let me know? Thank you all for the input on my color question. Chrismh
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    Dart cycle by Rupp

    Hello All, Just picked up a Dart cycle and I am trying to find out the color? It looks to be gold with an orange tint to it? It is original paint. Also a code or number to have paint mixed? I would guess it is an automotive paint of that era? Thanks for any and all help! Chrismh
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    Lil Indian 7000 Seat

    Hello, I am looking for a seat, a seat cover or material for a Lil Indian 7000 mini bike. Thanks for any help, chrismh
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    Wanted; 3.5 HP Clinton gas tank

    Hello, I am looking for a 3.5 HP Clinton gas tank that is spot welded to the shroud. Please let me know if anyone has one? Thanks for looking!
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    WTB Parts or whole Bozo Mini bike

    Hello, I am looking for any Bozo Mini bike parts, Pictures, Info, etc. I would also be interested in a roller or complete bike. Most anywhere on the east coast would be best for me. I am in SC but going to Upstate NY in a couple of weeks to pick up a couple of mini's my brother got for me. I...
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    Looking for a sensation kick stand

    Hi Ya'll Looking for a sensation kick stand or spec's and a picture, for my Bike I am restoring. Thanks...Chrismh
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    Bonanza ID ?

    Hi Ya'll, I am looking for some help to ID a roller bonanza mini bike I purchased last week. The ID number on the fork badge is 790120. Thanks in advance, Chrismh
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    Old Horstman clutch springs

    Hello, Any one have any springs or know where I can find two or more for an older Horstman Clutch? It has three shoes and three springs. I got it on an old mini bike and two springs were missing. Seems in pretty good shape. I would like to try it. Thanks for any info! chrismh