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  1. Miniwood

    How to seat a flattened tire

    I would second the tube. I go off road often and like the thicker slime tubes. We have these stupid straw liike sticks and if they catch the tire just right they and make a small hole, but they dont seem make it thru the tube; if they would get thru the tire and tube , the slime would fill the...
  2. Miniwood

    97cc engine with mods vid

    Briggs Love my 5 hp briggs on my doodle! Starts right up, runs great,handles heavy riders, good speed , super easy to maintain and has a bazillion hours on it. I had to pull the cord 2 times to start it once ::: just once! Lol Id keep the briggs on the shelf for later ,,,, or get another...
  3. Miniwood


    Ended up with a honda 70 and a honda 80. Got the 80 going pretty good ! Ithink its from the 1980s: the 70 is in the year 20xx Model. Can anyone direct me to a good forum for these bikes ? Also i had the 70 going then something popped and it wont shift gears -(automatic) i pulled the clutch...
  4. Miniwood

    Briggs World Formula, we need more power!!!

    Yea 15 hp is anout what the worrld formula motor gets for $1250.00 I would at least get 20 hp out of it so you can run 75 - 90 mph Lol Id put a nice header on it and let it run forever!!! How much power do you want ?
  5. Miniwood

    Removed Head to Investigate. Here's what I found.....

    Bet its the exhaust valve nit closing right!
  6. Miniwood

    Removed Head to Investigate. Here's what I found.....

    You need to check your valve gap! Whit the piston at TDC ( which is actually down about 1/ 2 inch from the top ) can you push down on the top of each valve an spin it in circle you should feel resistance ,,,,, if it spins too easily then its not shuttuing all the way. If the valves are...
  7. Miniwood

    Frustrated missing

    Briggs 3.5 flathead was missing. Rebuilt block with new piston rings and lapped valves! Good compression! After rebuild had to pirme carb to get it to start each time i would start it! Would stay running but a little sluggish and very laggy! Cleaned carb and tank , pick up tube firm...
  8. Miniwood

    Doodlebug Quality Tires

    Its nice if you can find a 4 ply tire as opposed to a 2 ply . If your on the street you will eat thru a 2 ply pretty fast . I get a lot of tires at tractor supply when i see them on sale; Have 2 bike we ride all over our rural neighborhoods !
  9. Miniwood

    Piston and rings

    Briggs 3.5 flathead mod 91202 Ordered a set of rings that are too thick to fit in the piston groves. The factory rings are very thin 1/16in or so . The new rings are twice is thick. Should i get a new piston for $15 to accomadte the new rings. Or just reorder the thinner rings. The...
  10. Miniwood

    Help...can't seal pto crank seal 5 hp fleathead

    Do you think its leaking by the crank or by the cover. Does the crank surface look smooth like glass where it spins inside the seal?
  11. Miniwood

    Rings too thick

    Just got some Sterns piston rings ( 500-017) for my 3.5 flathead briggs. Mod 91202 The stern ring # 500-017 number does transfer to the correct briggs ring # 298982 However the sterns rings in the box are way too thick! the sterns pressure rings are 1/8 to 3/16 inches thick. They will not fit...
  12. Miniwood

    stains in Aluminum wheels?

    I have actually taken a large drill bit and a ball of steel wool. Turn on the drill and let the bit grab the ball of steel wool and let it wrap around the bit. About the size of a tennis ball. Then simply high speed buff the wheel. Just be careful and dont expose the bit,,,, let the steel wool...
  13. Miniwood

    Short Shaft Briggs 5 Flathead

    Just flip your clutch around with the teeth facing in. Also you can use a bolt and washer on the outside for extra security . Also keep your eye open on ebay for a used crank that is longer ; dont pay too much sooner or later a cheaper one will show up!
  14. Miniwood

    Loose Piston Rings/ Slap

    I checked the ring gap on my piston rings and they were within spec . However i noticed i could wiggle the piston side to side really easy inside the cylinder! I replaced the rings and now the piston is nice and snugg within the cylinder. The old rings were thin and brittle. Even though...
  15. Miniwood

    3 hp flat head

    Not smoking but lots of carbon inside,,,, also no valve gap. Noticed the piston ring gap was not too big but the rings seemed weak and piston could be moved (side to side) around inside the cylinder fairly easily if that makes sense. Just got the new rings today and they are thicker and much...
  16. Miniwood

    Briggs 5hp header bolts.

    Anyone know the TQ on these bolts. Suggested tightening pattern?
  17. Miniwood

    buyer beware! ruppparts .com RUPP

    Thanks for posting so someone else might not get taken. This guy is bad news ! Rupp Parts & Performance Business Review in Festus, MO - Eastern Missouri & Southern Illinois BBB He is located in Missouri. I would first report him to the Bbb. Next you can email the Missouri state attorney ! I...
  18. Miniwood

    Post deleted

    Was asking about interest about a relay for life minibike donation. The post was deleted. Did i do somthing wrong or put it in the wrong place? Do i need a mods permission or somthing? Please pm me and let me know what is the protocal ! Thanks Woody
  19. Miniwood

    New guy here... Hello!

    Welcome . When looking for a good roller try to find somthing with all the parts. Dont worry too much about the motor but you need to check that it has a brake set up ,,, and all the parts. The seat can be torn up but its nice to have the frame of the seat . I say all this because finding...
  20. Miniwood

    Minibikin thanks

    We were so broke starting a new business. When everyone pitched in for parts for the bike that caught fire it was awesome. Now have 2x the bike i had originally. Thanks to all !!!! I may give the engine away to someone in need but i will never sell it !