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  1. tycoonist

    Baja BLAST !!!!!!

    Love your bike man. That thing looks way to comfortable.
  2. tycoonist

    Yellowhand Lathe

    I haven't worked with a lathe that looks like that before. Pretty cool.
  3. tycoonist

    New ARC Products Available

    ARC Billet Rod - Briggs 5HP ☺
  4. tycoonist

    2 Stroke Briggs information and help needed

    Thanks restore kid.
  5. tycoonist

    5HP Briggs I/C

    tell me how and where you want the cash.
  6. tycoonist

    ☞☞☞ RUPP Dart Kart Sales folder ☜☜☜

    I thought this was a cool folding go kart.
  7. tycoonist

    Street Legal Dirt Bug-The Quest!

    I need to see this happen in my lifetime. Someone continue, i would be most grateful. :smile::thumbsup::scooter:
  8. tycoonist

    DB30 Tires

    I have such a low post count because i have absolutely nothing new to add or ask like this! It has all been covered before lol.:thumbsup:
  9. tycoonist

    Stretched Frame Build Up

    Great job man. Love the colors and now i need to stretch:grind:.
  10. tycoonist

    Free Honda GX120... Must pick up in Concord, CA

    Thats good to hear. I know exactly what you mean. We were the nurses for our loved ones.
  11. tycoonist

    D.I.Y. wheelie bar kit

    20 bucks for the handcrafted ukulele:laugh:. Really though beautiful job.
  12. tycoonist

    Doodlebug 6.5 engine swap kit

    Pretty much.
  13. tycoonist

    Mild Race Clone 6.5 HP With a Tav2. Very Cheap

    :laugh: No problem my friend! :scooter:
  14. tycoonist

    What to Do With Chinese Minibike Parts

    I see what you did there...:laugh:
  15. tycoonist

    Mild Race Clone 6.5 HP With a Tav2. Very Cheap

    Give me a minute to pick up a moneypack I'll take the clone.
  16. tycoonist

    1950s home built go Kart

    B&S. Looks a lot different from our more recent carts lol.
  17. tycoonist

    Race doddlebug

    :facepalm: Anytime!:mad2:
  18. tycoonist

    Race doddlebug

    I should of never bumped this thread :censure:
  19. tycoonist

    Race doddlebug

    no effin way you have to be lying tacoterminator :doah:
  20. tycoonist

    Race doddlebug

    just a few months old pm sent.