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  1. frankster

    Sachs motor parts and Taz

    I'll take the Taz parts. Thanks Frankster
  2. frankster

    H Series throttle kits

    Hi Joe, I will take the 4 remaining kits. Thanks Frank
  3. frankster

    Blazer Rebuild

    Dadster is on a roll, when he was looking for a mini bike we found a Blazer and a Tote Gote near him. He called on both but the Tote Gote ad was deleted so he thought it sold.....well it didn't but it has now. He said it looks like they have the same 6hp briggs, I'll post pictures of...
  4. frankster

    tecumseh con rod

    The tecumseh motorsport 5 hp that I've seen came with a connecting rod with the 36972k part number. It was brand new in a box with the motor un assembled.....hope that helps. Thanks Frank
  5. frankster

    Blazer Rebuild

    My dad got all the parts from the original purchase of the Blazer a few weeks ago and unfortunately he doesn't have any of the side sheet metal. Thanks Frankster
  6. frankster

    Blazer Rebuild

    Thanks Superflea, Nice pictures, thanks for posting those. Not many good pictures of Blazers out there really. We've seen them both Red and Blue and he likes red better. It can always be repainted later....its not powder coated. Is that your Blazer and do you still have it?
  7. frankster

    Blazer Rebuild

    Updates on the build from Arizona. Thanks Frank
  8. frankster

    what are you listening to v.2.0

    this one will make you want to drive thru for snow near the end. Thanks Frankster
  9. frankster

    what are you listening to v.2.0

    Buckethead, all weekend long when I'm online. Thanks Frankster
  10. frankster

    Livingroom Upgrades....gulp!

    I found some wallpaper you might like! Thanks Frank
  11. frankster

    What is everyone working on?

    That looks awesome, and that's the strangest looking Cheetah I've ever seen. That frame has been highly You need a project log for this build..
  12. frankster

    speedway parts

    Thanks, I've been in a Speedway Rut for too long...I'll PM you later... Thanks Frank
  13. frankster

    speedway parts

    I'll take the sprocket, sprocket hub and kickstand. Thanks Frankster
  14. frankster


    it kind of looks like a timing chain tensioner? either way it looks great.
  15. frankster

    Blazer Rebuild

    Thanks guys, this is a Dadster build not a frankster build. I'm just helping him however I can...
  16. frankster

    Blazer Side Panels

    Looking for Blazer side panels for my Dad's build. You can see the build in the project section. My dad is 81 yes old; he doesn't have a computer so I'm logging the progress and helping him where I can. The Blazer is in real good shape. Thanks Frankster
  17. frankster

    Sale sale sale

    Shocking If you have any shocks left I'll take a pair. I think I'm too late but getting in the Q. Thanks Frankster
  18. frankster

    Blazer Rebuild

    Hi Guys, My dad picked up a really nice Blazer in Arizona this week. Attached are the pictures of what it was like when he got it. Up next is priming and painting. Thanks Frankster
  19. frankster

    72 speedway blue angel forks. frozen

    Speedway Forks If the forks are still available, I'll take them. Thanks Frankster
  20. frankster

    Terra Cat by Countstevula

    Tech Engine That tecumseh looks great in there, really nice looking build.