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  1. Valocalrep

    What up ?

    Welcome back to the fun Buck
  2. Valocalrep

    2020 ??

    I have a project I've been putting off but I could do it as a build off
  3. Valocalrep

    Baja Warrior Project

    What tank is that?
  4. Valocalrep

    Mb165 triple tree

    It didn't notify my sorry for the late response I'm in Virgina Beach
  5. Valocalrep

    Baja MB165 fork tree

    Damn thought I did post It there my mistake
  6. Valocalrep

    Mb165 triple tree

    So I need a replacement tree for the Baja I'm working on this is what I'm working with who has one for sale?
  7. Valocalrep

    Baja MB165 fork tree

    So I need a replacement tree for the Baja I'm working on this is what I'm working with who has one for sale?
  8. Valocalrep

    Exhaust on a Predator 212cc powered Rupp Roadster 2

    When I've had to bed exhausts propane didn't get hot enough for me without it starting to collapse on itself. I have used map gas and brazing torches with good success tho
  9. Valocalrep

    Baja fork options

    I'll check the fenders on it when I get home but I'm pretty sure they are metal. It's hard to see in the picture so I'll upload a better shot this weekend to show how bad it is. I'm not sure if it's the tree that's bent or actual shocks.
  10. Valocalrep

    Baja fork options

    It's been a while since I've posted but I'm backkkkkkk. Let's hop right in shall we. My buddy picked up a Baja (not sure if it's a mb165 or mb200) from a friend of mine but the forks are bent bad. What are his replacement options? I'll attach pictures of the bike for help with ID. Thanks everyone.
  11. Valocalrep

    Is this a rupp?

    I did pick it up friday ill get some pictures up tomorrow i might tuck her away till next years build off
  12. Valocalrep

    I am the oldest Newbie :-)

    Hey HVNFUN, welcome to all the fun, Im down in Va Beach and i think Dr Shop Teacher is actually out your way. Let all the madness begin
  13. Valocalrep

    Is this a rupp?

    I was thinking that but i havent been able to find MTD forks like that, All the ones i see are bent
  14. Valocalrep

    Is this a rupp?

    Posted in a bundle near me
  15. Valocalrep

    New Guy with a Doodle Bug

    The stock motors are best used as door stops or boat anchors lol for a 5 year old the small predator should do the job without an issue. I helped a friend set one up with the same setup for his grandson and it worked good for what he wanted.
  16. Valocalrep

    I Want To Thank

    I didnt get to build this year but loved catching up and reading the builds, I cant wait to see who comes out on tiop but good job everyone who did the build off this year
  17. Valocalrep

    Dellorto UA19 S

    Hey Alerion what engine does the bike have on it?
  18. Valocalrep

    Throttle Linkage

    In all honestly the smoothest throttle i have ever set up was a basic twist throttle off a Doodlebug but for the cable and cable housing i used a from my...
  19. Valocalrep

    New Project Wirld Wind

    Looking good so far from what i see, I love the style of the bike. And what really matters is that your having fun and enjoying it
  20. Valocalrep

    The Firehawk gets a new life

    Ok so little update because ive been slacking, Bike has been fully assembled and i took her out and put some miles in. Tav and brakes worked amazingly i wanna thank everyone for the help and suggestions on those. Brake pads went in like a breeze and the bike now stops much better. I fiddled...