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  1. balljoint

    Skip tooth sprockets??

    Right now all my bikes have been sold, just have Harleys right now , every time I build a mini bike someone wants it more than me . Will probably do another build this winter, located in Applewood subdivision of Lakewood.
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    Mustang check out the chain oiler.
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    Skip tooth sprockets??

    You need to get rid of that fixed tensioner and get a spring loaded tensioner or your going to lose a chain sooner or later, just a thought. You can also groove the center of a skate board wheel as a chain guide ,they work great on extended frames with extra long chain ,it takes out the harmonics.
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    charge coil, i got one, but what about regulator/rectifier?

    A bridge rectifier converts a/c wave to d/c wave ,your output should be around 14vdc, you do not need to even run a battery if you do not need electric start,I had an old mini bike that the lights would dim a idle an get bright when you got going. you can always wire in a a/c to d/c regulator...
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    Fox Banshee extra

    Looking for pictures of fox banshee extra from the 70's ,I drove the wheels off of one when I was a kid ,does not seem to be a lot info on them now , any pictures would appreciated or info would be neat to have.:bowdown:
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    "Po' White Trash" stretched DB30s payoff test ride

    Building up a powerful minibike is like building up a race car. Every part of it has to be super heavy duty. The weakest part will fail. Then when you correct that something else will fail as it is now the weakest part. It is an endless cycle. Keep us posted. I really like this bike :-)...
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    FOX CONDOR - Rear Brake Set Up

    If your wheel or sprocket is bent it will drag ,you may have to sand down the pads for clearance if they are not to tight ,if cable is to tight they also will drag.
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    Vintage Dynamark/Fox Banshee Information

    I had one in 1971 brand new ,it had lights on it , the welds broke on the handles bars and snapped off in my hands while riding it.
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    Long Shot

    Thanks for response, I think you may of hit on it with the Banshee extra, that sure looks like it ,thanks, may-be I can find some different pictures of it ,thanks again. I remember it had some crappy welded handlebars that bolted through the forks with rubber bushings that broke off while riding...
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    Long Shot

    Sorry no picture ,I know this is a long shot, I Had a mini bike in 1970 ,was bought from a department store in Presque Isle ,Maine. It had a small gas tank mounted on the frame, no shocks, a 3.5 tec motor with lighting coil ,a big chrome headlight and a tail light, chrome handlebars ,I believe...
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    Will a Pressure washer 6.5 Briggs work

    will work fine ,bolt it in ,throw on a clutch ,rig up throttle ,good to go.:grind:
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    Cragslist Denver

    Rare Mini bike
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    Denver Craigslist MINI BIKE dozens for sale... collection being sold

    MINI BIKE dozens for sale... collection being sold
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    Polaris Mini bike ?
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    gas in oil

    There is a fuel shut-off lever there for a reason......The weight of the fuel and vibration from transport will over come the needle and seat and flood motor with fuel.... this problem happens often when transporting small power equipment..........:scooter:.
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    Vibration with clone engine

    AZ1883 - Rubber Grommet Kit | Go Kart & Mini Bike Parts | MFG Supply :scooter:
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    At a loss with my predator 420cc

    You have a plugged idle circuit or a air intake leak ,your to lean , and your trying compensate with bigger main jet .:scooter:
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    Fuel Starvation issues, Ideas or Fixes ??

    Your welcome .:scooter:
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    Fuel Starvation issues, Ideas or Fixes ??

    Try disconnecting the low oil sensor, see if problem goes away......:scooter: