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  1. derekbmn

    No I don't sorry

    No I don't sorry
  2. derekbmn

    Windber Mini bike reunion 2022.

    More info: I live right off of I-90 in southern MN. The roller is broken down and wouldn't take up a whole lot of space.
  3. derekbmn

    Cat Parts HPE/Muskin switch plate.L@@k !!

    Blowing this outta here….$225 SHIPPED !!!
  4. derekbmn

    Cat Parts HPE/Muskin switch plate.L@@k !!

    $250 shipped...I’ll clean it up
  5. derekbmn

    Cat Chain Guides !!! L@@K

    $30 each or take both for $55 Shipped
  6. derekbmn

    Cat HPE/Muskin coffin fuel tank !!! L@@k !!!

    Locate in southern Minnesota Very nice original Cat coffin tank with original cap !!! This particular tank is the rare smooth top style with no part number underneath. Paypal only. $375 Shipped !!! Please text me at +15078485876.
  7. derekbmn

    Cat HPE/Muskin clutch guard !!! L@@k !!!

    Located in southern Minnesota Decent condition original small style Cat clutch guard. From mounting hole is reamed out a bit. Please look at the pics carefully. PayPal only $200 shipped. Please text me at +15078485876
  8. derekbmn

    Cat Parts HPE/Muskin switch plate.L@@k !!

    Located in southern Minnesota. Nice original switch plate. No mounting bracket included but will send a non original 1 wire self grounding switch. PayPal only $275 Shipped. Please text me at +15078485876
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    Where are my for sale posts !!! Wtf

    Where are my for sale posts !!! Can a “Moderator” please message me and tell me why !?
  10. derekbmn

    General Appliance suspended roller
  11. derekbmn

    Picked up a trail blazer today

    @minibikin'.... Chaaaaaad.....I seen your WTB ad, I have still have this bike sitting here ;)
  12. derekbmn

    Cat Chain Guides !!! L@@K

    I have 2 reproduction Cat chain guides for sale. Brand new never used. $40 each or $75 for both. Please text me at 507-848-5876. Paypal only !!! Thanks in advance :scooter:
  13. derekbmn

    Cat Switch Plate !!! L@@K HPE/Muskin

    Cat Switch Plate in original survivor quality condition. No cleaning/de-rusting has been done on it. Metal is straight. Will include the original mounting bracket and a one wire self grounding toggle switch. Please Text me at 507-848-5876. $245 SHIPPED. Paypal only !!! Thanks in advance :scooter:
  14. derekbmn

    Cat 400TS Very nice Survivor Mac fest Find!

    This bike had been in my collection for quite some time.....I cannot say how much it was originally purchased, for but I know I paid a decent amount for it and it’s worth every penny.