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    Tote Gote 6 HP

    6 HP Tote Gote for sale near Albuquerque NM , Motor spins but missing some parts. 400 OBO.
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    Any one in New Mexico going to the Tote Gote fest in Utah?

    Just wondering if there is any Tote Gote fans close by
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    Help Whats wrong with my sale

    Not getting any calls on the scooters I have listed so I am wondering if I am too far away or too high on price. Normally folks bust my buns if I am to high. I have more stuff to list but will hold off for a while. Should I part these out or ?
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    Roller Speedway with a Wisconsin Robin threaded crank motor. Comes with or without motor near Albuquerque 200.00 OBO
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    Tote Gote One owner

    4Horse Tote Gote bought new 1964 and yes one owner , me. Has extra one gallon tank mounted to frame like the 6 HP model and gravity feed to engine tank. All original except for tires. near Albuquerque 450.00 OBO.00
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    Manco Thunderbird

    Had this one running but I was removing the cover trying to hook up a kill wire when some folks came over and moved it , loosing some of the head bolts. Shocks are shot and seat need recovered 250 OBO near Albuquerque NM
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    Thule Trooper

    Look like it all here except the seat, motor spins, forks have been repaired poorly 450.00 near Albuquerque
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    Rupp Roadster

    Never got around to working on this much. Got it to pop a few times. got a gas tank but is does not fit ,will be thrown in if wanted, 450.00 OBO. near Albuquerque NM
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    Tote Gote Front Fork

    Looks straight , one lower is removed but included. thats how I got it and that what I know. will try to answer questions. 75.00 near Albuquerque
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    Tote Gote 6 HP Frame Roller 'sort of'

    Missing back wheel. Jack shafts are all in it, has a double roller first chain 225.00. Near Albuquerque NM. no shipping
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    Tote Gote (Mini) Roller Almost

    Rolls on front wheel but missing rear, Near Albuquerque NM 225..00 no shipping by me
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    Taco 44 Frame

    Frame, forks, swing arms Forks are bent a little but not bad, Jack shaft bearing supports are removed. 250.00 located south of Albuquerque NM. Shipping is beyond my capability but I will try to help
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    How do I edit or end my for sale post?

    My all for sale in one lot sale didnt cause any interest so I thought I would list them one at a time and see how that works.
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    Selling All My Mini Bikes as One Lot

    I am past being able to work on, or ride these, so as much as I hate to , they all need to go. I'll try one lump sale for a while cause would be easier for me . Located about 20 miles south of Albuquerque. $3000.00
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    Any Mini Bike Events In New Mexico?

    Does anything happen in New Mexico ? Swap meets, Shows , Gatherings, Any thing? Whats close in other states?
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    Swapmeet in Arizona

    Found this on CL, Wish I could go.
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    Mini Gote rear wheel wanted

    Looking for a rear wheel and sprocket for a mini gote 500.
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    V Twin on a Mini bike

    Not sure I can add a link here or where this should be but on "What new today" on Harbor Freight is a 22 HP V twin on a little mini bike. 22 HP (670cc) V-Twin Horizontal Shaft Gas Engine EPA
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    Tule Trooper?

    Ran into a buddy that asked if I would give him $xx for a Tule Trooper that I saw at his place last year,And I said SURE. (later. did I say that out loud?) I was tying to down size, but o well. What does a Trooper do? Any think like a Tote Gote, or is it for flat ground?