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    Manco Rattler LXT

    Hey guys, I picked one of these up last weekend and have started tearing it down. I have taken the Comet Torque converter apart...... so the driver can off easy. The driven...... not so much. Seeing that this has a TAV and the jack shaft. Will a new TAV (whole kit,with backing plate)...
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    Carter bros mini monster

    So how many of us remember this? I picked this up a few years ago and I think I’m going to finally start working on it. I saw this in a go kart shop when I was a kid (Fastrak go karts). And I fell in love and told myself I had to get one in the future. The chance came and drove 2 hrs...
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    Baja heat

    Hey everyone, been a while since I’ve been on here and messed with any minis. So I picked up an older Baja heat (red/black model) yesterday for $100. Overall the bike is in decent shape, typical faded forks broken seat....., attempt to fix the steering neck stop, wore out motor and other...
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    "supreme x coleman" HOW ABOUT THAT PRICE!!!!!!:freakout: $3000 FOR A COLEMAN 200, WITH A STOCK TAV..................... AND THERE ON eBAY
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    Baja heat "reconstructed"

    Hey everyone, I have yet another project that I'm starting today. Picked this Baja up last year from CL for $100 near me. I'm going to be putting a hemi 212 on it with the air filter and jet kit, along with a TAV from OMB. As you can see someone put the blue greyhound motor on it. So that...
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    5hp Briggs governor arm leaking oil?

    Hey everyone, I was working on my other 5hp Briggs tonight, I've had this motor for a while and last time I messed with it the governor pivot arm was leaking from the motor side. So I messed around with it again and got it fired back up. Why would it be leaking oil where the pivot arm is...
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    212 Hemi Governor link....

    Hey guys I worked on another Murray Track 2 today and put a 22mm "chikuni" on it, after disconnecting all the springs and linkages, how do I or what can I reattach the governor arm linkage to so my engine won't blow up???? It may be a simple fix or a dumb question but i can't figure it out...
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    2 Baja mini bikes in Maryland

    $275 for the both. Looks like a good deal for someone in Hollywood Maryland
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    New Coleman minibike????

    Saw this at a local tractor supply.... haven't seen this one before. Is it a new model or an older one? .
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    bargain bargain
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    Picked up another Briggs

    Picked this up last week. Serial number. 170402 0547 01 6910021. So do I have here a 1969 motor? If I read the identification right....
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    8hp Briggs from Homelite LR4400

    [/URL][/IMG][/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] Picked up a Homelite LR4400 generator with a 8hp Briggs on it from CL, has a tapered shaft and no key way cut out. What's the best way for me to use this motor on a mini bike????
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    Old style 212 carb issue

    Got another Murray track 2 with a old style predator 212, did a carb job on it. It's idles perfect on choke, take choke off dies, without 3/4 to full throttle. I know this has happened before to other ppl. Did the search up top, looked through 10 pages couldn't find what I need, so this...
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    Help Posting pics

    Hey everyone, this is kind of a stupid question, but when I try to upload pics from the computer it keeps saying there to big, ok I get that make it smaller right? Well I did that, sent a email to the computer and made the pics smaller. Still no luck, :mad2::mad2::mad2:what gives? What's...
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    New Briggs build

    Hey everyone, back in the game again. I'm starting a new Briggs build, my first one, I have everything torn apart right now cleaning and degreasing it. I'm planning on doing a mild build on this one. So far I have removed the governor, threaded a 1/4-20 bolt and red lock tighted it in the...
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    Baja Heat project

    Hey everyone, I picked this up the other day from CL for a good deal!!! $75. Not bad I don't think. Runs but has a few issues with it. At the time of pic I had the seat off and the handle bars turned down Here's my problem, I did a carb job today. Took it completely apart...
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    Predator 212 hemi Mini bike build

    Hello everyone, I am in the process of upgrading my Predator 212 motor for a Murray Track 2 mini bike. My current parts are: 22 mm Mikuni carb w/ jets, 26 lbs valve springs, Isky Black Mamba Cam, Hi flow air filter and a torque converter. I am planning on removing the governor...
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    "WTB" murray track 2 mini racer

    Looking to buy a Murray track 2 mini racer, I would like to get the whole bike, with or without motor. thanks located in Richmond Va